The amalgamation of technology and data has become a complicated one. With a massive amount of data being generated today, professionals are required to stay on their feet when it comes to business analytics. It helps in improved performance, better decision making, and the works. However, it requires an extensive amount of training and a unique skill set. For now, let’s see how it assists in improved decision making.

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Business Analytics: The Pathway to Improved Decision Making

Be it supply chain, operational processes, research, or managing risks, business analytics has diverse applications. In fact, it is now emerging as the keystone of strategic business decision making. From enabling businesses to make customer-centric decisions to help them address critical operational inefficiencies, business analytics is drastically transforming the perception towards the importance of data.

Here’s how business analytics supports decision making in businesses:-


  • Provides a Better Customer Experience

Analytics plays a significant role in decision making as it helps discover patterns from both employees as well as customers, allowing leaders to understand and interpret their interactions. This allows the leaders to work with the relevant departments to enhance the overall customer experience.


  • Improves Overall Performance

By analyzing data, businesses can delve deeper into business operations and their efficiency. This not only helps maximize time and resource allocation but also ensures better performance across the entire company.


  • Makes the Most Out of Consumer Patterns

Companies using customer behaviour insights are outperforming competitors by 85% in sales growth. – Mckinsey

In an increasingly customer-centric era, organizations are being forced to collect and analyze consumer information and data concerned with their behaviour, interests, etc. To remain competitive, businesses must leverage consumer insights to redefine their marketing and sales strategy.


  • Conducts Better Risk Assessment and Management

Another key area that business analytics lends a hand is risk assessment and management. Whether it’s related to structured data or unstructured, analytics help forecast potential issues and threats. So by using this data, you can improve decision making in a crisis, eradicating the reactive style of management completely.


How Does This Affect Professionals?

With evolving technology, the job of business analytics professionals has become challenging. Honing skills and updating knowledge is the only way forward, and since pursuing an MBA every time some new trend enter the market is not feasible, pursuing analytics online certified courses are the ideal choice.


Understand and Accept the Change

The world is going digital, be it sales, marketing, content, or education. For an in-depth knowledge into the business analytics domain, consider pursuing analytics online certified courses. One such course covering a wide array of skills is the business analytics online program from IIM Kozhikode. The program can equip you with the latest analytics tools, assisting in better decision making.

With a strong foothold in data analytics, you can not only build your organization’s performance but also facilitate growth. So, enroll for the business analytics online program from IIM Kozhikode today and make your way to a career in advanced business analytics.



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