Do you travel often? As a backpacker, anytime? Whatever, before you get on to unknown roads, it’s always good to carry a roadmap.

The same example works while you start a business as well. Without a clearly defined goal, it’s quite ridiculous to venture on. To reach to the specific goal, you need a robust business strategy.

A good business strategy, as defined by Harvard Business Review, provides a clear roadmap, consisting of a set of guiding principles or rules, that defines the actions people in the business should take (and not take) and the things they should prioritize (and not prioritize) to achieve desired goals.’

Let’s give you a few insights on developing a robust business strategy.


Analyse first to know the facts

You might be familiar with SWOT Analysis, aren’t you? It’s one among the tool, defined as Strength, Weakness, Opportunities and Threats, to analyse your current situation.

The first step to creating a robust strategy is getting to know, and acknowledge, where your business has currently reached. Make sure you collect the relevant information. Be strong enough to accept the weak points as well.


Gain clarity of vision and mission

Where do you want your business to reach in 10 years? 5 years? 1 year? What are the organisational principles and values? What is your vision statement? And how do you plan to reach there?

Well, there are more questions to find answers. Clear-cut answers, and not beating around the bush type. For an effective business strategy, you need to figure out a proper vision and the mission to reach the objective.


Plan it well

Once you have your roadmap, you can plan your journey well. Planning and prioritising your requirements with regards to your objectives makes the backbone of a robust strategy. Between keeping these factors in mind.


Ø Know your resources to allocate it rightly.

Ø Know your Key Performance Indicators to measure the effectiveness.

Ø Know your budget requirements to arrange the funds.

Ø Know the performance management measures to identify if things are on the right track


Remember your objectives need to be SMART. Means Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Time-related! Learn to build successful strategies by signing up for a Strategic Management course and succeed in your career.


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