How many times in our roles do we ask ourselves the question – are we managers or are we leaders? Even as we move into the roles of people managers, we continue to assess ourselves as well as our teams on these aspects. Leadership courses online cover how people can differentiate between these two approaches as well as combine them to become more effective in their roles. The relationship between these two can be symbiotic and is usually complementary if we can ensure that its scaled up in the right manner.


  1. Leadership is about the management of people in India – This is the first aspect that we usually discover. Leaders need to manage people and influence those who report to them as well as those who do not. They need to identify how to work with different sets of individuals internally and externally, in the form of employees, clients, vendors and other stakeholders. That is the first connect to these two aspects. This seems the most common element of leadership but all the others are as important as well.
  2. Leadership is about the management of emotions – Emotional quotient is a hugely significant area now. Being mindful and empathetic are core leadership competencies. Being aware of one’s emotions and leveraging them for positive impact at work is a crucial skill for a leader. Hence leadership is connected to the management of emotions – ours as well as of others around us.
  3. Leadership is about the management of work – Work is what one gets defined by in one’s career. As a leader, one of the priorities is to make sure that work and time are managed effectively. Your time as a leader is essential and should be used for large scale business impact goals rather than small projects. So leadership is also about the management of work, priorities and time in the best possible way.
  4. Leadership is about the management of balance- As a leader, you are setting an example for many others in the organization. You need to be able to balance your work and life. That management of balance is key to being successful as well as happy and healthy. Maintaining that balance is what you should aim to do and encourage others to follow as well. Leadership is, therefore, a lot about finding and managing that work-life balance too.

As we can see there is a deep linkage between leadership and management in India. This link can be strengthened by understanding its power and potential and utilizing it correctly for business results in the long term. This relationship is also fairly delicate and each individual needs to invest time in maintaining it.


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