What is Digital Marketing?

All kinds of businesses, big and small are investing in what they know to be the next level of growth in the area of marketing – Digital marketing. At a very macro level it means marketing to your target audience or customer pool through all forms of digital media. These channels span social media, emails, blogs, mobile apps and so on. An industry recognized digital marketing certification course covers all these elements of digital marketing and how each of these can be used to make a business impact. The purpose of digital marketing can range from creating awareness, building a brand personality or association, to actually driving sales and increasing the top line.

 How Does Digital Marketing Work?

Some search engines are also used for digital marketing through sponsored ads.

  1. Categorize your customers and use the appropriate digital channels – Make sure that you know your customers and potential clients well. You should be able to do their demographic profiling and know which kind of digital channels will reach them directly. Targeted digital channels are the best way to use this form of marketing.
  2. Content is the key – Unlike what most people think, digital marketing is not about the visuals or the graphical posters and so on. Content is the key and good quality content that conveys the right message never fails to impress a potential client. Content marketing has emerged as a subset of the digital space wherein companies are looking on partnering with influencers and blogs that can allow them to talk about their products in an indirect and non-promotional manner.
  3. Use the right technology – Some of forms of digital media like blogs, emailers, mobile apps need a good technology platform to be based on. Making sure that you choose the right platform – one which is scalable, caters to a range of specifications and provides you with high levels of customization or flexibility. The choice of the platform should not based only on cost-effectiveness or brand name.
  4. Use a mix of approaches – With digital marketing, using a mix of approaches is always what works. Interactive tools, games, ebooks, blogs, infographics and so on are a good set to start with when it comes to entering this space. Your brand or company can benefit immensely from using these on a rotational basis to achieve success and reach its purpose.


This in a nutshell, is what digital marketing is defined as and how it can be used. It is a vast area that needs expertise before being worked on, and hence training your teams on how to use the advantages it provides, is a good idea.



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