Digital marketing management online strategies are constantly evolving. A top marketing campaign should have a mixture of powerful content and creative genius to distinguish them from other competing campaigns. What channels will operate the best? Should I be serious or funny? The questions are boundless. But when you understand where to look, the answers are sometimes very simple. Here are some of the best marketing campaigns that created ripples in the marketing industry.


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1) Tell a narrative which provokes emotions – Heineken

Heineken created a viral marketing video that did not concentrate on a single individual or narrative but focussed on bringing people together with differing viewpoints.

Storytelling that can elicit emotional responses can go viral easily. Introduction to your brand in an indirect way, touching on common social themes is a great way of establishing customer engagement.

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2) It should be Influential – Amazon

Amazon’s “Alexa lost her voice” campaign used influencers funnily and creatively to highlight the advantages of its voice technology.

Sales and marketing management studies show that more than 80 percent of millennial consumers are influenced by peer recommendations in buying decisions. Influencer marketing combined with amazing video content and a creative concept will propel product and brand awareness to stratospheric levels.


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3) Crowd Engagement – Adidas

Adidas, an international athletic brand took an innovative approach in digital marketing by using the participants in the Boston Marathon to create personalized videos and promote its latest sporting apparel.

Personalization, immersion and ability to invoke emotion are the hallmarks of a superbly crafted marketing campaign. 

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4) Multi-Channel Strategy – Single Grain

Content sharing should be done across multiple channels to establish brand awareness. Single Grain created a marketing podcast that included chat and interviews with thought leaders and various entrepreneurs and was uploaded on several platforms.

By diversifying across multiple channels, your sales and marketing management initiatives can reach people in their preferred manner.

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5) Take Advantage of your Customer’s Interests – Wholesome Culture

Utilizing the common interests of your clients to provide content for marketing campaigns can make you stand out in the competition. Wholesome Culture is a fashion brand focusing on cruelty-free apparel. It created content with an animal- friendly strategy that included viral memes and pop culture references and this helped the brand to gain top momentum.

Creating content that integrates your audience’s philosophy and the brand’s core values will work wonders across social channels.


6) Add a tinge of Experiential Marketing – Uniqlo

Uniqlo, a Japanese apparel company launched a digital campaign that encouraged customers to take photos of an array of billboards with shifting images to capture product codes. The product codes can be used to redeem a clothing product from the company’s website.

This marketing management online strategy had the effect of the customers perceiving the brand in a completely different light.

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Final Thoughts

The ideas behind these highly popular marketing campaigns can help to up the ante in your marketing management online techniques. Finding novel ways to engage your potential customers through powerful digital marketing tactics will help you enhance your customer base.


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