Two things that are never going to become outdated are leadership skills and great team communication skills. Both of these can be built through a mix of undergoing some credible leadership courses and self-learning tools. They can shape up your growth in the way you want it. But that will depend on how much time and effort you invest in building these.


Here are some important ways in which you can build both of these elements –


Shift your thinking from tactical to strategic – This is a paradigm shift for most of those who want to become leaders. The manner in which you shift your focus from tactical to strategic thinking is what will determine how you develop your skills as a leader. It will help you revisit your thoughts each time so that you can re-align your actions from looking at the short-term to understanding the long-term. This shift might seem tough but it can be carried out in small steps or phases.


Understanding different forms of communication – Many leaders focus only on verbal skills. But it is crucial to remember that to lead a team well, you need to be someone who communicates well verbally as well as through written language or behaviour and body language too. That is what will impact your team’s engagement levels, because of the right communication approach being used. So when you develop these skills remember to cover all these aspects, including active listening skills.


Knowledge of new concepts – Developing your knowledge of new concepts like emotional quotient, thought leadership, mindfulness will prepare you for the future ahead. You will know and hence develop skills that leaders and teams will need for the future and in the corporate sector of the coming decades. Elements like courageous decision making and innovative thinking are becoming the much-wanted attributes. Developing them will ensure that you remain employable and relevant at all points in time.


Focus on motivating team members – Motivating and driving the concept of accountability within your team members is what sets you apart for both these aspects. People who can demonstrate this quality of focus on motivating their team members, even those who do not directly report into them, are the ones who are building team communication as well as leadership skills.


These are some steps you can take to develop your leadership skills and team communication as well. They can advance your career to the next level if you work on them consistently and in a committed manner.

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