• Are you a recent college grad aspiring to build a career in HR?
  • Or are you just starting out an online certification course but not sure what to do after that?


If you fit into either category, you’ve come to the right place. Years and years ago, there were these people known as the ‘human’ managers. They used to look after the daily needs of the employees and work mostly on administrative-related tasks.


However, with evolving times and the advent of technology, the role gradually evolved into a more complex and crucial role. Today, known as the HR managers, these people are considered to be a vital part of the company’s overall growth strategy.


The domain is now at a point of unprecedented growth; every industry, sector, and organisation needs an HR professional. But with increasing demand comes increased competition. You need a competitive edge to stand out, and the ideal and cost-effective way to that is by pursuing online certification courses in HR. Before you decide to enrol for one, here are some career prospects and the scope of HR courses you must know about.


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Scope of Courses in HR

The scope of online certification courses in HR is very much in demand. As you may know, HR is a vital part of any organisation; the demand is increasing dramatically in the domain. In this profession, you can land some highly lucrative and rewarding jobs.


After pursuing credible online certification courses in HR, you can apply for the most reputed and respected jobs in various top companies in India and abroad. What’s more, there are globally recognised online certification courses in HR available. So to give yourself an edge over other candidates, you can pursue courses from accredited institutions like IIM Kozhikode. The HR courses for working professionals from XLRI can help you avail job opportunities in every facet of HR.


Speaking of HR facets, here are some high paying job roles you can land after pursuing credible online certification courses in HR.


High Paying Jobs You Can Land in HR


1. HR Manager

HR managers are generalists who act as a bridge between the directors or senior leadership and the executive level employees. They manage teams of recruiters, HR business partners, and other specialists to tackle HR-related problems and deliver solutions. They also ensure that all processes and employees are in line with business laws and companies policies.


2. Training and Development Manager

Training and development HR managers, as the name suggests, are involved in supporting the employees through education, learning programs, training, and career planning interventions. As a training and development manager, you’ll be responsible for:-

  • Organising orientation sessions for new hires
  • Facilitating in-person workshops for existing employees
  • Conducting personal and professional development courses
  • Conducting meeting to gauge employees interest and motivations


If you are unsure which HR facet is right for your career, consider enrolling in the HR courses for working professionals from XLRI for a well-rounded education in the domain.


3. Compensation and Benefits Manager

As a compensation and benefits manager, you’ll be responsible for selecting and implementing plans by keeping in mind your company’s budgetary constraints with employees’ demands. The goal here is to pick the best-suited remuneration and health benefits policies that allow for attracting and retaining talent.


You’ll be required to have a firm grasp in the following:-

  • Pay and perks
  • Allowances
  • Pension policies
  • Insurance
  • Corporate policies
  • Employment and compensation laws
  • Strategic management


4. Recruitment and Placement Manager

There are several dimensions of HRM; the most common yet critical one is recruitment and placement. As a recruitment and placement manager, your primary duties will include:-

  • Selecting sources of recruitment
  • Screening qualified candidates as per the requirements of the role
  • Deciding which individuals to pursue
  • Closing on their compensation within the target


You’ll be working under the guidance of HR managers or directors. Moreover, you’ll have to liaise with the hiring managers of different departments to understand their personnel needs and vacancies.


5. HR Analyst

HR analysts play a crucial role in collating, structuring, analysing, and reporting on HR processes and employee data. Now, before you get into HR analytics, you must understand the different types of analytics in HRM, namely capability analytics, competency acquisition analytics, capacity analytics, etc.


You can gain a 360-degree knowledge of this domain by pursuing credible online certification courses in HR. One such array of online courses you can rely on is HR courses for working professionals from XLRI. Offered on the Talentedge platform, these courses aim to provide exposure to every HR facet, helping you analyse the best career option for you.


6. Executive Recruiter

Executive recruiters are a little different from run-of-the-mill recruiters.  As an executive recruiter, you’ll be responsible for filling leadership and senior executive roles in your organisation. So you must have a strong understanding of the hiring industry to convince prospects to join your organisation. It is a high-responsibility job role that requires professionals communication and negotiation skills.


Usually, to land a job in the HR domain, you need to have a graduation degree, an MBA specialisation in HR or an online certification course in HRM will also suffice. However, to land a job as an executive recruiter, you’ll need specialised certification in the domain.


If You are Looking for a Niche Role in HRM, Consider Building a Career in:-


Specialisation Fields in HR You Can Pursue:-

  • Retention
  • Motivation
  • Labour Relations
  • Labour Legislation
  • Industrial Relations
  • Training and Development
  • Recruitment and Selection
  • Compensation and Benefits
  • Labour Welfare and Social Security


It’s a Wrap

If you are ready to build a thriving career in this domain and identify your skills gap, you are already halfway there. Credible online certification courses in HR are all you need to advance up the professional ladder. IIM Kozhikode offers such credible certification courses you can rely on for at-par knowledge and understanding of the domain.


So what are you waiting for? Scour the Talentedge website for the HR courses for working professionals from XLRI, enrol in one, and make your way towards a lucrative career in HR.



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