India is by far the most exciting emerging economy in the world. India is expected to add around 250 million to its labor pool at the rate of 18 million a year. This “demographic dividend” gives HRM a very special place with a lot of responsibilities.

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Scope in Human Resource Management 


The scope of Human Resource Management includes all the activities that come under the banner of Human Resource Management. The human resource officer is expected to provide advice and assistance to staff and supervisors. They are required to take care of the training needs of staff, execute performance reviews, devise personnel policies These activities may be enumerated as below:-


  • Human Resource Planning

 This is the process by which the organization identifies the number of vacancies, whether there is a surplus or shortage and how to rectify the situation.


  • Job Analysis Design

 Job analysis design is essentially a detailed description of each job in the company.


  • Recruitment and Selection

 Job analysis clearly defines the requirement of the company. Based on this information, the company starts the process of recruitment by preparing advertisements and publishing them in newspapers. The right candidate is selected after sifting through numerous applications that are received and conducting interviews.


  • Orientation and Induction

 After the selection process is complete an induction or orientation program is conducted. The background of the organization, its culture, value and work ethics are explained to the new hires.


  • Training and Development

Employees undergo training programs that are designed to bring out their potential and help them perform better in their respective job roles. Refresher training is imparted to existing staff to keep them abreast of the latest changes.


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  • Performance Appraisal

After about one year of employment, a performance appraisal is conducted.  Based on these annual appraisals future promotions, incentives, increments, and salaries are decided.


  • Compensation Planning and Remuneration

Remuneration and compensation planning is part of the human resources functionary’s job role.


  • Motivation, Welfare, Health, and Safety

Different methods of motivation are required to retain and sustain the number of employees in the organization.


  • Industrial Relations

 Creating cordial relations with the union members to ensure smooth working in the company.


Opportunities in Human Resource Management 


An incumbent can begin a career in HR as an HR Generalist or an HR Specialist. A generalist in the HR field may be required to handle a number of tasks and areas simultaneously. Their career paths in various segments are as follows:-


  • HR Career in the Manufacturing Sector, BPO, IT, Corporates, Service Sector

HR professionals are required by all companies, right from small businesses to multinationals. Be it consumer products, restaurants, retail, pharmaceuticals telecommunications or publishing industries, they all need HR functionaries.


  • HR Career in the Education Sector

 Universities, Colleges, Schools, and School Boards have HR departments.


  • HR Career in the Banking Sector

 In the banking sector in India, the prospects for an HR professional is very good considering the volumes of staff that need to be managed.


Human Resources Management Courses


Those candidates who are opting for Human Resources Management as a career, it is advisable to sign up for a Human Resources Management Course or an online course in Human Resources Management. A wonderful opportunity presents itself in the form of online courses in Human Resources Management offered by Talentedge in collaboration with XLRI and IIM Kozhikode.




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