The impact that technology has had on business in the last decade was the strongest of all times. We all are surrounded by technology in one way or the other. From smartphones to laptops to virtual assistants to social media, we have been deeply indulged in the blessings that technology has bestowed upon us. But somewhere down the line, technology has overpowered our mind and besides providing us with comfort, it has entered into the world of jobs as well. The job roles present today were non-existent 10 years back. The impact of technology on jobs has been tremendous and thus, it has called for digital evolution as well. Today we will discuss two of those parameters i.e. Digital Marketing and Business Analytics and figure out which one is a better career choice.


Digital Marketing and its Importance

Today, the entire world spends the majority of the time online and thus, it gets essential for the businesses and organizations to have an online presence as well. Digital marketing offers a platform to the companies where they could connect with more and more number of their target audience in order to take their business forward.

As we all know social media has created a huge buzz among the people and it has become a platform where businesses could easily reach out to the maximum number of people and promote their products and services. Thus, digital marketing has great importance these days as it helps in advertising, networking, promotions, revenue generations etc. It has totally changed the former marketing strategies and simplified the tasks to a very large extent.


Business Analytics and its Importance

Now that we are promoting our businesses online, we need a platform or a tool to evaluate the outcomes as well. Well, business analytics refers to the measurements of those outcomes. It basically involves the communication of the results of data analysis using statistical operations. These statistical operations help the organizations to formulate models and strategies to strengthen the business operations and generate better results as well as revenue.

Without the existence of business analytics, all the efforts that an organization invests in the marketing and promotion of its business would be a waste. Thus, business analysis plays a very important role in the successful operation of any organization. Most of the organizations today use business analytics as a pillar to their growth. And if you are interested in this field, you can make a career in it by enrolling in business analytics certificate programs online.


Which One Is A Better Career Choice?

Both Digital Marketing and Business Analytics are related terms and are interdependent on each other. Digital Marketing is incomplete without Business Analytics and vice versa. It would be impossible for an organization to grow without any one of them.

Digital marketing will help the organization to engage a larger number of customers while business analytics would help them to understand and analyse the outcomes of their marketing strategies and make improvisations on them to get better results.

Thus, we can conclude that as long as the internet and related technologies have their presence in the world, both the domains will offer a plethora of job opportunities associated with them. The growth rate in both the domains has been tremendous over the years and it is expected to reach even further in the upcoming years. So, if you are planning to move into these domains enrolling in a digital marketing or business analytics certificate program is going to bring you immense job prospects.


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