Every time you start working on a performance review, do you wonder how you can actually write it well and better than the last time? Are you also concerned about how the way you write the review can actually impact the talent? If yes, these are some challenges that all managers who are concerned about their teams grapple with. A strategic performance management course ensures that you learn about writing good performance reviews.


Here are some basic tips on how to go about it.


  1. Keep it factual but detailed – When you write the review make sure that you have reviewed all facts, gathered the data and then had the discussion with the appraisee. If your review is based on well-researched data and unbiased sources, it becomes very valuable and relevant. As a manager that is what you should aim for.
  2. It should be balanced – Performance reviews should always be balanced with portions of both- positive and negative feedback. Along with that, there should be a reference to the past, but also some guidance for the future. Such a balanced and well-defined approach is what makes it a good review.
  3. It should incorporate the individual as well as business objectives – Both priorities and objectives are important, from alignment as well as motivation point of view. So managers should have business objectives as well as the individual career aspirations defined too.
  4. The feedback should be worded correctly – In written as well as verbal feedback, the main element that ensures that it has been received as intended is when the choice of words is correct. Feedback should be worded correctly and with the right messages kept intact in them. So ensuring that the words you use when you write or speak to your team members during the performance review are very important.
  5. Be aware of your biases – To exclude your biases when writing the performance review, you need to be aware of them. They can impact the way you view the person and hence a good performance review will always be free of those, and objective. As a manager, making a note of all those aspects that you believe can impact your decision making in a way that it overshadows the performance, is essential.


These are some guidelines on writing a good performance review as a manager. You have to make sure that you incorporate this in all your review discussions. These are ways to make the reviews more impactful as well as relevant to the person concerned.


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