The fact that every business has planned or is planning to spread them globally, has brought in the upward trend of strategizing for international business actions. With MNC’s multiplying like never before, learning to formulate an effective strategy to take the business fortune foot international, thus, becomes a prerequisite.

Strategic Management Excellence


The strategy-based business decision-making process can help the organization excel and achieve greater heights hastily. This fact alone escalates the importance of Strategy making for International Business as a skill that all managerial employees must seek for the time ahead. These skills are crucial for Business Managers to effectively blend the strategies with international business as to globally expose their business effectually.


The Executive Development Program in Strategies for International Business is drafted to meet the growing requirement of Strategical approach to formulating an action plan for international business activities.


Some of the gains which can be derived out this program are:

  1. Upon successful completion, participants will be awarded a certificate
  2. Lectures imparted by eminent faculty
  3. Program is aimed at helping managers develop insights about formulating strategies in the international context
  4. It helps professionals enable organizational excellence with strategic management in a global set-up
  5. Learn relevant and practical aspects of building and implementing strategies in a global business environment
  6. Attend classes from anywhere without taking a break from your job


Here is a comprehensive list of modules covered under the Executive Development Program in Strategies for International Business –

Module 1 – Strategy


Module 2 – Global Economic Environment & Policy

  • Global Business Environment: An Overview
  • Macroeconomic Scenario with special reference to Fiscal and Monetary Policy
  • Global Value Chain: India’s Integration with World Economy
  • Emerging Trade and FDI Issues impacting Global Business Environment
  • Cultural, Political and Legal Environments and their implications for International Business
  • Global Financial Environment


Module 3 – International Marketing

  • The International Marketing Environment
  • Pricing Decisions for International Markets
  • Product and Branding Decision for International Markets
  • International Distribution Decisions


Module 4 – International Negotiations

  • International Business Negotiations
  • Managing International Business Disputes
  • Negotiation: Framing Contracts
  • Negotiation in the context of WTO


Module 5 –Trade Documentation & Exim Framework

  • International Trade Developments
  • EXIM Policy Framework
  • EXIM Operations and Documentation
  • Customs Clearance of Export and Import Cargo


So if you are responsible for strategizing cross border (international) business activities, then these skills become an imperative part of your CV. Enrol yourself for the Executive Development Program in Strategies for International Business.


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