Business Analytics Trends in 2022


It’s a tough world out there for business analytics professionals. The online space is full of new trends and ideas that are changing the way people do business, so it becomes challenging to keep up with everything going on in this rapidly evolving field.

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If you want to stay ahead of the pack and capture more opportunities, then it might be time to advance your knowledge. An online analytics course can certainly do the trick. But before you enrol in one, let’s get you acquainted with some of these trends in the business analytics domain.

1. Composable Data and Analytics


The primary goal of composable data analytics is to leverage multiple data analytics and AI solutions to curate a flexible, user-friendly and personalised experience. This enables leaders to make the connection between data insights and business actions.


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Composable data is the information that can be parsed, filtered or manipulated to meet specific needs to promote productivity and agility. In fact, composable data and analytics will not only encourage collaboration but also evolve the analytical capabilities of the organisation.


2. Data Fabric Will be the Foundation of Analytics


Data has become the new oil. And it’s only suitable to provide the right architecture that will support composable data and analytics along with its various components. And that architecture is data fabric.


Benefits of Data Fabric:-

  • Reduces integration design time by 30%
  • Reduces deployment time by 30%
  • And decreases maintenance by over 70%


What’s more, data fabrics can leverage existing skills and technologies from data warehouses while introducing new approaches and techniques for the future.

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An online analytics course can help you understand this vital technology and how important it is to stay relevant in this evolving field.


3. Smarter, More Responsible, Scalable AI


A smarter, more responsible AI will enable better learning for machine learning algorithms.


New algorithms will be developed that can recognise and avoid bias, which is a major concern with machine learning. The business analytics domain is also going to witness more collaboration between people and machines when it comes to AI decision-making – especially in business analytics and even in safety-critical applications like self-driving cars.


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This means there’ll need to be new roles for human experts as safety and other issues cannot be left only to a machine’s discretion. So how are you going to stay prepared? The answer lies with online analytics courses. These courses can help you understand the language of machines, what they need to learn, how they learn best.


4. Transition From Big to Small and Wide Data


Today, business analysts and data scientists are working with massive amounts of structured and unstructured data. But that’s going to change. Small and wide data is coming to the rescue.

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As opposed to big data, small and wide data helps solve a number of problems leveraging scarce data use cases. As the name suggests, small data use models that require less data input but still offer useful insights. And this type of data targetting is going to revolutionise the world of analytics.


The IIM analytics courses are a good starting point for beginners. They provide exposure to the most recent trends and themes that will transform the future of data analytics, including business analysis techniques like machine learning and artificial intelligence, among others. These online courses can help you stay on top of these developments as they happen while also teaching you their practical application to your organisation.


5. The Rise of the Augmented Consumer


Up until now, users of business information were restricted to manual data exploration. Often, this meant answers to only predefined questions and restricted data analytics.


However, the new research by Gartner shows that this will be replaced by automated, conversational, and dynamically generated insights, which are customised to a user’s need and delivered to the point of consumption. This will shift the dynamics of insightful knowledge and widen the scope of information from a handful of data experts to anyone in the organisation.

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Users can explore and analyse large data sets in a non-technical way. This new era of augmented consumers, with analytical insights, unlocks unprecedented opportunities for organisations across industries. It is potentially the key that opens doors to success for companies that do not naturally have access to these analytics skills at their disposal.


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You can decode big data and analytics by enrolling in the IIM analytics course. Offered on the Talentedge platform, this online analytics course can help you understand the changing role of analytics in today’s dynamic and ambiguous world.


6. The Cloud Will Continue to Reign


Cloud has successfully taken over servers to store customer records, important documents and has allowed organisations to collaborate in a shared digital space. This trend will continue to take centre stage in the coming years. Cloud-based tools like SAS business analytics are already offering a viable off-site solution. More tools like these are yet to present themselves.


The benefits include pre-configured algorithms, data security, storage options, access to real-time data, and so much more.


You can learn all about this concept and other advanced concepts of business analytics by enrolling in a credible online analytics course. One such analytics course you can rely on is the IIM analytics course offered on the Talentedge platform. By exposing you to theoretical as well as practical aspects of cloud and other emerging technologies, this course can help you gain the skillset and knowledge you need to thrive.


It’s a Race Against the Future, Win It or Be Left Behind


These trends are coming at an alarmingly high speed. Professionals in the field of analytics need to stay on their toes and equip themselves with the knowledge that is ahead of what’s coming. This can be done by enrolling for online courses from platforms like Talentedge, where you’ll find courses such as IIM analytics programs, data science certifications, etc., which give professionals a head-start against the trends in business analytics 2022.


So what are you waiting for? IIM analytics course is most definitely one of the best data analytics courses on the digital spectrum. Scout for it and enrol yourself TODAY!


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