Organizations are increasingly going online, irrespective of their size, nature, sector or industry of operation, and continuously augmenting their presence online. This, coupled with the increasing penetration of the internet even to the most remote areas, is leading to large volumes of data being generated. Organizations of today realize that the quintillions of data generated are not simply to be stored and that they are gold mines that, if effectively utilized, can be leveraged by them to ensure growth and success of the business in the long-run. So, data is one of the most valued business assets of today. The data that is available to organizations is, however, unstructured, raw, scattered and seemingly unrelated. To make sense of this data and to effectively analyze this data and unearth hidden patterns, trends, correlations and other useful information. Using these insights, organizations can engage in data-driven decision-making, effectively manage their operations, plan marketing strategies, provide seamless customer experience, design products effectively and so on.


With analytics gaining such momentum and criticality for organizations, there is a rapidly growing demand for skilled professionals with expertise in various aspects of analytics. But there is a large skill gap which has led to a rise in the salaries and perks for the existing professionals. Accordingly, there is a rising demand among working professionals, IT personnel, business managers, engineers and even statisticians for analytics courses so as to gain a competitive edge as well as in making a lucrative career shift. There are several analytics courses offered by top-notch universities and institutes across the globe on various aspects of analytics such as marketing analytics, business analytics, financial analytics and so on.


Here is one of the best IIM analytics courses that everyone engaged in hardcore business analytics should do to give themselves a competitive edge.


Executive Development Program in Business Analytics and Big Data from IIM Kashipur

This 5-month online IIM analytics course from IIM Kashipur equips learners with an in-depth understanding of core concepts of both big data and business analytics such as data visualization, predictive analytics, machine learning, social network analytics, sentiment analytics, market segmentation, etc. and their practical application in data-driven decision-making and management. It upskills learners in using the latest analytics tools and technology, statistical methods and best practices in the big data and business analytics ecosystem. The course also includes learning of programming languages like R, Hadoop, Python, etc. This course provides hands-on training and exposure to the various analytics tools and technologies so that participants can apply them practically in their work.


This course IIM analytics course is best-suited for professionals working in IT, Analytics, e-Commerce, Market Research, etc. or business managers, project managers, marketing managers, etc. with minimum 2 years of experience. Any formal degree with Mathematics or Statistics as a subject is acceptable. The successful completion of the course will earn participants a certificate of completion from IIM Kashipur.


Enrol yourself in this analytics course offered by IIM and give your career in business analytics a boost.

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