We are living in an era of big data. If you are doubtful, here’s some data that proves it:

In a flash of sixty seconds,

  • We made 3.3 million of FB posts in 2016 compared to 2.46 million in 2014
  • We made 1440 posts in WordPress in 2014 compared to 972 in 2014
  • All of our tweets were equal to 448,000 in 2016 while it was 347,222 in 2014
  • Google searches went from 2.4 million in 2014 to 3.8 million in 2016 (source: SmartInsights)


We’re thriving in the age of big data! As marketers, let’s thank the advanced data mining techniques and analytics that will help us make smarter decisions in our marketing efforts. Marketing analytics course helps you to empower your knowledge and skill to make the right data analytical decision.

The world’s successful brands have been reaping benefits out of marketing analytics for quite a few years. Why are we lagging behind then? If it is of unawareness, here is a clued-up read about its benefits.

Marketing And Sales Management Program

What the heck is ‘marketing analytics’?

Marketing analytics enables you to understand how your marketing strategies are performing. For a textbook-ish definition, marketing analytics is the process of measuring, managing and analysing marketing performance in order to maximise the effectiveness and optimize ROI.

In the layman terms, it helps you derive deep insights about what your customer expects from your product/service. It gives relevant information for you to come up with a customer-focused business strategy. Also, it helps your brand stand out in the crowded market.


Here are the benefits:

  • Data-driven business decisions: The market continues to be more competitive. Hence, making decisions based on your gut might fail. Marketing analytics let you streamline your marketing investments to derive the maximum value. The major advantage of using marketing analytics is that they ensure that your investments and efforts are on the right track.
  • Cost-effectiveness: When you know what works, you can omit the rest. Once you know the marketing channels that give your brand the best reach, you can ignore the rest. Apparently, it leads to cost-effectiveness. Hence, your resources and budget are not getting wasted while you depend on marketing analytics.
  • Identify the mistakes: Errors happen everywhere, but the difference lies in correcting it as early as possible. Analytics can be effectively used to recognize the flaws in your marketing strategy. It enables you to learn from your successes and failures and have a data-driven strategy for the future.


Well, there is an enormous quantity of data being accumulated daily. And your success lies in identifying the right metrics and using analytics to gain the required insights.



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