Technology has enabled the availability of your most desired product or service at your fingertip, quite literally. Now you can purchase anything you want with just the press of a button on any internet-connected device, even your smartphone.


This has heralded a metamorphic shift in the shopping patterns of consumers with increasing numbers shifting from traditional purchasing methods to online purchasing. Advertisers have taken their cue and adjusted their advertising budgets to include digital marketing campaigns accordingly.


New and innovative marketing strategies have become mandatory for branding or re-branding of products. Today people spend huge amount of time on laptops and smartphones. They have technologically fast-paced, changing lifestyle patterns and internet revolution.  Statistics show this digital revolution clearly. A survey states that around 88% of consumers own a smartphone and more than 25% use smartphones for web access either for online shopping or getting some information. This is a staggering number and explains the hair-trigger need for transmuting to digital advertising.

Digital Marketing Courses Online


Shifting consumer and industry patterns create a need for a relevant shift in education. Several educational institutes are coming up with courses and specializations in digital marketing. For industry professionals who wish to upgrade their digital marketing skills but do not have time for a full-time course, several digital marketing training courses and online certification courses are available.


The key marketing areas which are radically affected are speed, the relevance of product/service and campaign reachability. A Hootsuite report shows that 3.811 billion people, which is 51% of the world population, have access to the internet. Of these, 2.698 billion users access social media through mobiles. This means information reaches the audience with the speed of light. This makes the perfect articulation of product specifications, and a well-planned and targeted advertising campaign with the ability to hook up the audiences, necessary.


Why online marketing is taking precedence over traditional marketing?

Unshrinkable Social Media Presence:

Social media like Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter and others are here to stay. Consumers stick to certain social media, however, they are quick to adopt and adapt to new social media trends. Such agility on the consumer’s part requires marketers to be quick on their toes. Social media provides and spreads information at a lightning speed making the consumer alert and more demanding; thus, compelling evolution of advertising and online marketing strategy at a breakneck speed. Any slack is intolerable to the impatient consumer spoiled by the sheer speed of technology. Digital marketing companies must, therefore, gear up ferociously to establish their online presence.


Blogging is the new normal:

Consumers are attracted towards value-based, magnetic content. Engaging blog posts are, therefore, a highly consumed content format. However, blogging may not be limited to written content. Many bloggers use podcasts, picture essays and even video blogs to reach out to their audience. A research survey reveals that among professional bloggers, 13% are entrepreneurs. A majority of them, blog to lure more audience and clientele by writing or creating premium blog posts with exclusive content. Blogging has increased the craving for a stronger online presence by using well-curated content and searchable keywords.



The consumer has always been king, more so today, with a large number being upfront in posting feedback on social media. Therefore, a consistency in communication between the advertiser & the consumer has to be maintained for prompt solutions to relevant issues. Apart from this, business managers can provide information about their product & service with the help of live streaming or video tutorials to help their consumers.


A technologically fast and internet savvy world has necessitated marketers to cross the traditional boundaries and juggle with analytics to grab the audience’s attention. But creating effective digital marketing campaigns requires expertise for which a proper education in digital marketing is necessary.


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