One of the obvious reasons why people fail in HR interviews is lack of preparation. Are you getting ready for an HR interview? Before you pull up your sleeves, here’s a set of 10 HR interview questions and answers to read for freshers and experienced professionals.  

Prepare well with your answers to improve your chance of getting hired.

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Top 10 HR Interview Questions with Answers


1. Introduce yourself.

Seems simple. But, not really. You should be able to describe your skill sets and experience confidently before the interviewer. Give an accurate account of your professional strengths here.


2. What are your biggest strengths?  

This is one of the frequently repeated questions in HR interviews. It is intended to test how humble you are to describe your strengths. While you list out your strengths, make sure they align with the skill sets required for the post you are applying for.


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3. Tell us your weaknesses  

This question demands a smarter answer from your side. In fact, try putting your strengths in the guise of a weakness. Maybe that you are too pushy, or inclined to perfection, or something like that.


4. Tell us about your achievements  

This question is in close similarity with the question about your strengths. So give examples that justify your strengths that you have mentioned earlier. Prove that you’re a constant learner through online certification courses.


5. You are overqualified for this position, aren’t you?

Yet another tricky question. Here, show the employer how the company will benefit if they hire you. Concentrate on the advantages the company gets instead of analysing the drawbacks.


6. Why did you apply for our company?

This is how your interviewer analyses whether you have done your homework about the company. Grab the chance and explain whatever you have learned in your research about the organisation.


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7. Do you work under pressure?

A ‘yes’ or ‘definitely’ will not be enough for a convincing answer here. Instead, site examples from your career on how you were able to handle pressure efficiently.


8. What is one thing that you want to change in yourself?

The interviewer is trying to make you confess about your weakness. Play smart here. Be careful while you answer this question. Add a pinch of diplomacy.


9. How happy are you in your career now?

The interviewers want to know your career aspirations. Also, they analyse your self-esteem and confidence in this question. So, give a positive reply.


10. What is one of toughest decisions in your life?


Interviewees hardly think of this question. So, you may get a shock. But don’t be nervous. Give a reply which is close to the truth. 


So the end note is, don’t be afraid about interviews. Prepare well and walk in with confidence!


The moment you start searching for learning opportunities online in Human Resources you are likely to see many options coming up especially related to certifications. HR certification is not a new trend but is an important one whose value is now being recognized by organizations and individuals alike. There might be times when you think  why do you as an HR practitioner need to be certified?


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There are many reasons as to why HR certification matters, but the most important is the career options it opens up for you and how.


Widens your expertise areas through self-learning


When you undergo a certification, it shows your commitment towards your career. Not only that, the certification opens up your mind as well as provides you with knowledge areas that are beyond your current expertise. That is always a good thing because it ensures that your knowledge base is always superior to your competitors and the number of career options available to you have increased significantly.


Adds credibility

Many organizations prefer to promote people who are certified. This is because it adds more credibility to your claim of being an expert. The organization believes that you are possibly more competent and qualified for the role. They also perceive that your knowledge is not restricted to one area or element of HR but covers a large span. That makes you an even more valuable resource for your firm.


Adds to your own confidence

While you might be excellent at your current role, when you aspire for bigger career opportunities you might wonder if you are capable of them or not. With a certification however, you tend to feel more confident in your own knowledge. It gives you an idea of your strengths and how to leverage those. It also makes you aware of the lacunae and how you can deal with those.


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You get new opportunities across the world

Many good HR certifications are global in nature. That gives you the option of receiving better opportunities also to work in other countries. You gain much more by looking at a wider horizon even in terms of the roles you apply for, or want to work in.


The best way to increase the number of options you have in your chosen area of human resources is by remaining relevant. There are many jobs where having certifications is absolutely essential. Both these factors combined make it a necessity rather than an option for your career.


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