Trends for 2020 are being discussed in every industry. Advertising trends are not far behind Whether you are an advertising professional or planning to enrol in an advertisement management course, you should certainly know what’s the advertising buzz is for 2020.


  1. Video Advertising

A video is more engaging and pleasing to the eye than a blog or an article. It can convey the message in less than a few seconds and that too effectively. So, the brands would continue to focus on integrating their ads in the videos on Facebook, YouTube and other social media channels. According to a study by Cisco, internet video traffic will grow four times by 2021, presenting huge opportunities to advertisers.


  1. Multi-channel Marketing

While digital marketing is known to offer more benefits and return on investment than traditional channels, the need of the hour is an integrated marketing plan. Advertisers will blend both online and offline marketing programs to maximize their reach to the customers. Have you seen flash sales advertisements from Flipkart? They advertise on television, social media channels and even in newspapers!


  1. Brand Storytelling

If you have closely followed certain advertisements, you will notice that several brands are now focusing on storytelling to make a social connection with customers and portray their brand values in a positive light. For example, a #ANDiRISE ad from the fashion brand AND features Kareena Kapoor and four women who have broken stereotypes in their fields. The idea is to advertise their latest summer collection for women who have dared to defy the norms and at the same time highlight that the brand AND makes fashion wearable for working women. So, this year, an increasing number of brands will use storytelling as a creative medium to advertise.


  1. Influencer Marketing

The marketers are not new to the concept of influencer advertising. For the past few years, several brands are leveraging the reach of influencers to advertise their products. However, influencers are still very few in the digital space and are spoilt for choices – they promote the brand they get the most money from. Hence, brands and marketers will now try to establish a long-term, authentic relationship with influencers. The relationship would no longer restrict to a standalone campaign.


  1. Advertisement on Streaming TV Devices

With the influx of on-demand content channels such as Netflix, Amazon, Hulu and several other streaming media apps, there is a huge potential to explore this new advertising channels. The users of streaming TV devices are usually students and young crowd. Brands who sell products for this customer base will increase their advertising spend on this front.


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