Demonstration of your capabilities is important to set yourself apart from other candidates in the corporate world. Even if you have the requisite experience in project management, undergoing a certified project management course will certainly enhance the depth and breadth of your existing skill sets. The increased skill value will boost your career prospects and aid you in making a swift transition into the role of a Project Manager.

 Executive Development Program In Project Management


Project Managers with certification from a reputed institute or B-School are preferred by the companies and are given handsome remuneration for their ability to derive key business insights. Project managers with valid credentials, earn on an average 16 per cent more than uncertified professionals.


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Career Opportunities For PM Professionals

Majority of the business organizations believe that superior understanding of project management is mission-critical for the success of the enterprise. Just half of the project managers are certified in their respective project management domains. There is a lot of scope for career advancement for beginners and senior professionals by getting the right project management certification. Following are the top 5 high-median salary careers for certified Project managers.

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Corporate Prospects

If you wish to pursue or enhance your career prospects in the high intensity corporate environment, then PM certification can arm you with valuable skills which will enable you to seamlessly execute both internal and external projects. Strategy and Consulting are key business verticals in this industry and PM certified managers are in great demand.


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Resource Management Professionals

The assignment of responsibility matrix is a key function of a Project Manager in Resources Management department of a company. Certified professionals in Project Management can bring their coordination and planning skills to assist the team members in the Resource Management execution processes.


Project Management Consultant

Value addition by project consultants plays a vital role in introducing new management processes. PM certification can lead to a wonderful career transition for a project manager in the competitive field of Project Management Consultancy.


Project Management in Engineering

This project management portfolio concentrates on engineering products. Engineering graduates with a certification in Project Management can efficiently manage a team of engineers and handle the management of various engineering products. Students and professionals with engineering backgrounds will find wonderful growth avenues in this domain.


Aerospace Project Management

Global Aerospace industry is in the process of redefining its methods of organization and ways of management. PMP certified project managers can break new ground in the management of global supply chains, resource management and sophisticated synchronization processes. Certified management professionals can find jobs in aerospace and defence industries.

Project Management Courses 


Different Kinds Of Project Management Certification

There are diverse types of certification in project management. If you have enough experience, you can also consider online management certification courses like the one offered by Talentedge in partnership with XLRI Jamshedpur that can earn you a verified certificate in Project Management.


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Merits of getting Project Management Certification

Project Management certification will open multiple opportunities for you. This is the initial step towards a skyrocketing career graph in top management.

You can refine your skills in project management and climb the career ladder in a quick and easy way by getting a PM certification. Following are some of the upsides that a PM certification can give you.


Career Growth

Big corporates and head hunters are always in search for capable and certified managers. Skill enhancement through PM certification can give you the right training and knowledge tools to execute the projects in the perfect way.



Your professional marketability will be increased exponentially and gives an official seal to your previous managerial experience. Networking with other Project management professionals will result in an increased probability of landing a dream job with high pay.


Superior Project Performance

A PMP certified professional will have commanding expertise on various business processes such as initiation, planning and execution. Knowledge of business-critical procedures like Risk Management and Best practices will lead to better team performance and promotes overall productivity.


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Further scope for Project Management Professionals:

The demand for project managers keeps increasing. Irrespective of which industry it is, the potential professionals who have pursued a business management certification program are always required to plan the strategies as well as execute them. Do you aim to be successful as a project management professional? Are you wondering why project management is a rewarding career? Read further to explore your options regarding various career scopes in this profession.


Role of a Project Manager

The fundamental principle of project management involves securing, planning, organising, managing, leading and controlling resources as well as the work in order to accomplish organisational goals. Project managers decide specific strategies to begin the project, assess and comprehend the requirements of the project. Not only this, but it is the project manager who is responsible to examine the professionals who qualify for the job and bring them on board. He/she also monitors the development of the project. Some of the responsibilities that a project manager adheres to are as follows:-

It is the duty of a project manager to decide what kind of skill sets are needed for the project.

A product manager is responsible for setting the budget for the work.

He/she conducts meetings to keep a track of the progress on the project.

A product manager decides the time frame and schedule for his/her project as well as for all the subprojects.

It depends on the project manager to decide how the work is to be completed.

It must be noted that moving between multiple projects, tasks and schedules can become excessively challenging. But after intense training and pursuing a business management certification program, you can eventually learn to manage everything effectively as well as efficiently.


Why Should You Pursue A Career In Project Management?

Numerous Job Opportunities

Almost all industries need project managers. The highest demand for project managers is in the IT sector. But nowadays, because project-oriented work has become very popular in business service. This is why project managers are required in finance and insurance, oil and gas, construction and utility, manufacturing, and many other industries.


The project managers make really good money. Not only do they get salaries but also the incentives on each project they are in charge of.



Studying a project management course from IIM Raipur helps potential project managers in attaining the required skill set. These skill sets get the work done efficiently, thus fulfilling the goals of the organisation.


Growth Opportunities

For project managers, the sky’s the limit in terms of growth. The potential candidates who are extremely skilled, experienced and have specialised in a project management course from IIM Raipur or any other prestigious institution can expect various opportunities coming their way in terms of position as well as salary.


Summing Up!

It is now clear that certified project managers who have studied a business management certification program are more likely to get better remuneration and reach heights. One such course is offered by IIM Raipur. A project management course from IIM Raipur can help you understand the roles and responsibilities of a project manager briefly. It can also help you in acquiring the required skill set. So, make an informed decision and enrol yourself NOW!


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