Analytics continues to witness explosive growth and greater adoption by companies. It is also being seen as a key strategic tool to gain a competitive edge, especially in a data-driven function like Marketing.

In India, Marketing Analytics is almost 20% of the total Analytics market. Marketing analytics will play an even bigger role as more and more consumers and companies move to the Cloud and Social Media. Companies have already begun to shift from data capturing and mining to generating actionable marketing insights and predicting consumer trends and behaviour. The areas of Marketing in which Marketing Analytics tools and techniques are being used to ensure customer retention and greater returns include campaign management, customer profiling, behavioural analysis and predictive analytics.

Marketing And Sales Management Program


Marketing analytics is changing the way companies are reaching out to the customers with the right product at the right time through digital and traditional media. According to a Nasscom report, the Indian marketing analytics industry is expected to touch $1.2 billion in 2020, after growing at a CAGR of 25 per cent.  This means that there will be a huge demand for talent at various levels for the next 4-5 years.

There is a requirement in the industry for people who are strong in maths but an even greater demand for those who can understand the consumer mind and use data to derive insights and create customised/personalised solutions. Who will fill the new roles that are being created in this high-profile industry? India has an abundant supply of talented people (like you) and many companies offering Marketing Analytics solutions. What is missing is cutting-edge, quality training from domain experts that will lead to innovative, customer-centric solutions to marketing problems.

If you do not upgrade your analytical skills, others will grab this opportunity of joining the best companies, accelerating their career, and participating in the digital revolution.  This is where IIM Kashipur’s Marketing Analytics and customer valuation certification, offered by Talentedge, can boost your career by teaching you in 4 months the following, at your convenience:

Sales & Marketing Management Program


Using Excel to Summarize Marketing Data

  • Slicing and Dicing Marketing Data with PivotTables
  • Excel Charts to Summarize Marketing Data
  • Excel Functions to Summarize Marketing Data

Pricing Analytics

  • Estimating Demand Curves and Optimize Price
  • Price Bundling
  • Non Linear Pricing and Price Skimming

Forecasting and Conjoint

  • Simple Regression, Correlation and Multiple Regression to forecast sales
  • Modelling Trend and Seasonality
  • Ratio to Moving Average Method
  • Winter’s Method
  • Conjoint Analysis

Retailing Analytics

  • Market Basket Analysis and Lift
  • RFM Analysis and optimizing direct mail campaigns
  • Allocating Retail Space and Sales Resources
  • Evaluation and Selection


Advertising and Promotion Analytics

  • Promotion Analytics
  • Measuring the effectiveness of Advertising
  • Media Selection Models

Customer Valuation

  • Customer Lifetime Value Calculation
  • Using Customer Value to Value a Business
  • Customer Value and Marketing Decision Making
  • Allocating Marketing Resources between Customer Acquisition and Retention

Web Analytics

  • Measurement and Interpretation
  • Understanding Google Analytics, Identifying KPI’s
  • Evaluating and Improving Performance

Digital Listening and Analytics

  • Listening/hearing a customer online
  • Text Mining and Analytics
  • Applications

R Programming

  • Understanding Basic Data Management
  • Basic Methods including Graphs and Statistics
  • Intermediate methods including Regression and ANOVA



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