For better or for worse, the internet has revolutionized the way people promote their business. Telemarketing, print ads, and billboards dominated the marketing and advertising industry for almost a decade, but now, digital marketing is taking over.


In 2020, if a business doesn’t have a website or appropriate social media handles, they are losing out on big business. A digital marketing strategy that encompasses different platforms and practices is the one that can help a business stand out in today’s dog-eat-dog competition.

6 Types of Digital Marketing Channels

So, here’s a list of types of digital marketing channels important for a business and their uses.

Let’s get started!


  • Search Engine Optimization 

More than 90% of searches begin with a simple google search.

Search engine optimization has been the new marketing buzzword, for good reason of course. Anything the customer wants to search; they type it in Google or Bing. With SEO, businesses can rank on the top of the search results page using the most relevant keywords and reach a massive audience in the process.


  • Content Marketing

Content is the primary reason search began in the first place.

Content marketing is one of the most ancient forms of digital marketing. Usually, businesses market themselves by promoting their product or services. But, with content marketing, the focus is shifted towards promoting value through relevant and informational content. You can pursue a digital marketing online course to get in-depth knowledge about these digital media channels and how to leverage these to drive conversions.


  • Pay-Per-Click (PPC)

Another godsend introduction to the digital space – PPC is basically a promotional tactic wherein an ad appears within the margins of a webpage for readers to click on. So, every time a customer clicks on an advertisement, the business pays the company placing their ad on the webpage. The content of such ads has to be appealing and intended to attract customers and to get them to click to take action.


  • Website Design

The website should be the crescendo of your marketing symphony, not a bland disappointment that doesn’t live up to the preview.

By way of social media, YouTube or Google, the customers are ultimately directed to the website. This is why website design is critical for promotional campaigns. A good site uses a mix of different content types that run together to provide the user with a great experience.


  • Social Media & Viral Marketing

Check out the number of visitors to the top three social media platforms:-

  • Facebook – 1.66 billion users per day
  • Twitter – 330 million users per day
  • Instagram – 500 million users per day

Social media marketing is all about using the power of content to promote businesses on social media platforms. Social media networks are ruling the digital space for almost a decade, attracting millions of users across the globe. This makes these networks one of the most valuable source of traffic for any business type.


Wrapping Up!

Digital marketing is one of the most limitless and exciting landscape.

With several marketing channels, the possibilities for businesses are boundless. For a comprehensive understanding of these channels, pursue a digital marketing online certification program. A digital marketing online course can help you leverage a mix of different digital marketing channels and which ones are ideal for a specific type of business.



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