We are often tempted to check the online review before choosing a particular brand these days, aren’t we?

On the other hand, in this virtually connected world, customers are often motivated to talk about your brand online. We do post our opinions on our social media handles.

Customer is, and always the king. You need to listen to your customers, know their expectations and reviews. And apparently, adapt to the changing times to ensure success in this highly competitive marketing world. That is where the importance of digital listening comes in.


Digital listening, huh?

Digital listening refers to the process of identifying and analysing the opinion of your customers about your product or service through digital communication channels.

Fortunately, there are multiple channels through which marketers can effectively interact with customers. Therefore, digital listening should ideally take place across multiple channels which in turn will enable marketers to get a balanced report regarding their brand.


Social listening

An article in Mashable states that there are 3 billion users, which is around 40% of the human population in the world, in social media. No wonder a large share of digital listening happens in social media. The influence of social media is increasing on a rattling speed in the last five years.

Social listening is defined as the process of monitoring digital conversations to know what people are talking about your product or brand in social channels.  In short, social listening monitors individual conversations and responses to your brand.


How does social listening benefit you?

Marketers can effectively take advantage of social listening tools to get feedback from the brand quickly. It helps to understand the pain points of the customers and address their concerns, complaints, and questions through social platforms.

The genuine feedback from the customers opens up opportunities to make the brand enticing. It helps in maintaining the brand reputation as well.


What about Social Media Analytics?

Social listening and social media analytics together will derive deep insights about your brand which can further lead to business benefits and hence, an integral part of digital marketing certification courses!

Although social listening and social analytics are interchangeably used, both of it has different definitions. Social analytics refers to the process of gathering data from different social media platforms and analysing it with the help of social media analytics tools.

Thinking of where to start your digital listening and analytics activities? It can be quite nerve-wracking. Even for experienced marketers, without sound knowledge in digital marketing. A digital marketing course makes the right step to start, however!


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