Human resource management (HRM) is the process that brings the most valuable assets of an organization – it’s people and the management together, so end goals are met. However, it is not just limited to managing the relationship between employees and the organization. It also focuses on individual training and development of existing employees, recruiting new candidates, etc.


Considering the intricacies involved, the field of HR has become one of the most lucrative ones. This is why professionals are looking forwards to building a career in this domain. An ideal way to kick start your career is to pursue online human resource certification programs. These programs can help you understand the A-Z of human resource management, including staffing, recruiting, directing, payroll management, etc.


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Let’s see why this field is pivotal to an organization, what scope it has, and the best practices in HRM.


Best Practices


  • Providing security to employees enables them to go home after work and provide for themselves and their families. When this security is threatened, for instance, when there is restructuring or a layoff, you’ll see an immediate ripple through the organization.
  • The most important of all is hiring the right people for the job. This enables the organization to bring onboard employees who can add values and prove to be an asset. You can’t just hire anyone; hire people who are qualified and fit for the job.
  • The HR team is responsible for creating nurturing and high performing teams. Self-managed and effective teams mean that different ideas will float throughout the company, ultimately helping achieve organizational goals.

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Importance of HRM


  • The HR department handles all the recruitment and training for employees. This includes hiring the right people, helping them, and the existing employees develop specialized skills, which in turn, can help them take up some new roles.
  • Another importance of HR is that they encourage people to work according to their potential and gives them suggestions to bring out the best in them.
  • Maintaining a work atmosphere is perhaps one of the greatest advantages of HR as the performance of an individual is primarily driven by the work atmosphere that prevails at the workplace.
  • There are several issues and conflicts in an organization between employees and employers. The HR team is responsible to manage or resolve such disputes.


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  • Personnel Aspect: Concerned with recruitment, selection, manpower planning, transfer, placement, etc.
  • Welfare Aspect: Concerned with working conditions, transport, medical assistance, education, health & safety, etc.
  • Industrial Relations Aspect: Concerned with union-management relations, settlement of disputes, disciplinary procedures, etc.


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Bottom Line


The role of HR has transformed since the integration of technology and the internet in our lives. A career in this domain can be a lucrative and rewarding one. And pursuing credible online human resource certification programs can help you understand the fundamentals of HR and its integration with other functions within the organization. One such course you can pursue is the online executive program in HR by IIM Raipur. Offered on the Talnetedge platform, the online executive program in HR by IIM Raipur helps you master the tools & techniques of people management.


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