On what basis does anyone choose a career path?


  • Obviously, good pay
  • Interest in the field is critical
  • Wide scope
  • Immense growth opportunities


Digital marketing is one such career option that offers all the above-mentioned benefits. In fact, in the last few years, it has emerged as one of the fastest-growing professions globally.


Let’s see why professionals aspire to learn digital marketing and why it is being considered one of the most lucrative career options in 2021.


Reasons Why Digital Marketing is The Most Lucrative Career Option


The growth of internet users is fueling the need for digital marketing professionals.


In 2020 alone, the number of internet users raised from 636.73 million to 696.77 million.


Considering these stats alone, a lot of businesses were forced to go digital, which means they need professionals who can market their business in the digital space. This is where digital marketing professionals come in.


  1. It is a Prerequisite for Every Marketing Job


Today, things have changed; organisations are no longer looking for marketing professionals who can go door-to-door handing out flyers or put up hoardings. Instead, they are looking for professionals who can promote their offering online.


In retrospect, traditional marketing techniques are going obsolete. So every marketer aspiring to build a successful career in this domain needs to have prowess in digital marketing.


If you strive to learn digital marketing, you can scour the internet, find an accredited course, and get started. One such accredited course you can rely on is the digital marketing course from MICA. Offered in collaboration with Talentedge, the digital marketing course from MICA can help you explore every facet of the domain, building expertise and hands-on experience.


  1. It has Been Evolving Constantly


According to experts and researchers, the Indian digital economy is expected to become a Trillion dollar industry by 2022.


In other words, India is expected to become one of the biggest marketplaces in the world. Since most businesses are branching out to India to tap into the unexplored and humongous market, it is making digital marketing all the more important.


And the bigger the marketplace gets, the more opportunities you can seek.


  1. Demand is Greater than Supply


Post pandemic, the demand for digital marketing careers will surge. This is because businesses are willing to spend more time and money towards promoting their products to turn around falling revenues. Furthermore, the trend of online shopping has grown immensely. This is another reason why organisations are looking for professionals that can create better marketing strategies to capture their target audience.


If you are aiming to be a part of this demand, learn digital marketing TODAY! And the best part is that you don’t need to fulfil an impossible set of eligibility criteria. The only eligibility criteria you need to fulfil for the digital marketing course is a graduate or diploma degree and excellent communication skills.


  1. Salary Packages are to Die for


Digital marketing is so in demand that there are a lot of opportunities for you to negotiate your compensation. One of the biggest upsides about digital marketing is that you can also work as a freelancer.


If you have the requisite experience and skill set, then you can negotiate your desired salary in this discipline. In India, different digital marketing roles have different salary slabs ranging from INR 4 Lakhs to 10 Lakhs per annum. So by building a career in this domain, you are most certainly up for lucrative salary packages.


  1. Specialities are Plenty


If you have taken up a specialisation in any other field, it becomes extremely difficult to shift your career path. However, you won’t have such trouble shifting your speciality in digital marketing. While you learn digital marketing, you go through extensive training, covering every facet in detail.


So if you want to build up your existing skills or transition into a new role, all you need is a credible online course. One such professional online course you can rely on is the digital marketing course from MICA. Offered on the Talentedge platform, this course from MICA caters to all the upskilling needs of marketing professionals, helping you gain 360-degree knowledge in the domain.


  1. It is a Very Creative Field


Unlike other monotonous fields, digital marketing provides a unique opportunity for professionals to showcase their creativity. Organisations are always scouting for professionals who can unlock their creativity, curate out-of-the-box digital marketing campaigns, and entice their target audience. This allows you to explore the versatility of the domain.


If you are looking for a more comprehensive view of the domain, you can also consider enrolling in the executive certificate program in digital marketing from IIM Raipur offered by Talentedge. Boasting a unique LIVE & interactive pedagogy and lecture delivery by eminent IIM faculty, the course is considered one of the best course in its class.


  1. The Best Part – You can Train at Your Own Pace


As mentioned above, digital marketing is continuously evolving and the fastest-growing fields. This means you need to learn new skills and advance your knowledge to move up the ranks. However, the biggest upside is that you can train at your own pace.


The online courses allow you to learn digital marketing within your own comfort level. What’s more, if you are working as a freelancer or are engaged in a work-from-home contract, you can learn from your own home. You can take up the digital marketing course from MICA to help you with your skill training.


Unlock the Dynamic Potential of the Digital Marketing World


Now you know how lucrative and rewarding the digital marketing career is. The next question you must have is, “how do I start one?” Since digital marketing requires a lot of transferrable skills, a credible digital marketing course is the ideal place to start.


You can scout the internet for free as well as paid online digital marketing courses. However, if you are looking to hone your skills and gain advanced knowledge in the domain, consider enrolling in the digital marketing course from MICA. By providing hands-on experience and extensive knowledge into every facet of digital marketing, this course from MICA helps you become the digital marketer of tomorrow.


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