Digital marketing incorporates distinctive components that come together for implementing a campaign, marketing strategy and plans. A big part of digital marketing is to meet potential buyers and clients online and convert them into essential customers for business. Different facets of digital marketing deal with conversion of potential clients into customers. Enrolling for a social media digital marketing course online will render professionals with different mediums that help attract customers for the generation of leads.


According to an online study conducted by Live Internet Stats, the Google search engine receives an average of 77,000 searches per second.


The above stat highlights the multitude of online users who utilise search engines for searching about products, goods and services. These massive numbers shed light on the businesses that have invested in meticulous mechanisms for attracting potential customers online. With the cut-throat competition in the digital marketing world today, it’s vital for new marketers to be well-equipped with its basics, features and different aspects through online courses. The digital marketing program by MICA is a resourceful course that aims to render key insights about this industry.

Key Features of Digital Marketing


Just like face-to-face physical marketing, wherein professionals are provided with a sales pitch, context and skills to make a lasting impression while marketing a particular product, the same goes for online marketing.


Digital marketing has been instrumental in changing our daily lives. As professionals will learn through the social media digital marketing course online, social media channels are amongst the numerous features that have changed the face of advertising in the current scenario.


Major Features of digital marketing include the following:-


  • Focused Targeting of Audience

Digital marketing allows for focused targeting of the audience for a specific product, brand or service. This implies that marketers can cut out the marketing noise and zero in on their buyers. Utilising inventory and user targeting practices, marketing individuals can deliver customer-oriented products.


  • Product Feedbacks

Feedback though good or bad helps in facilitating communication between marketing companies and their customers. Digital platforms such as social media, online blogs and newsletters allow end-users to interact with companies regarding their products, brands and other services. Feedback is a great asset for marketing professionals since it will enable them to manufacture products and develop campaigns that appeal to their customer base.


  • Provides Various Options for Marketing

The by-product of focused target marketing and feedback allows the form’s marketing department to understand their audience better and deploy tools that will increase the product’s purchases. There are many options for digital marketing- SEO, pay-per-click advertising, influencer marketing, creating socials online, and others.


The features as described above hold digital marketing together and bring in a strategy or a marketing plan that helps achieve the company’s objectives and determines the performance of products. Professionals enrolled in the digital marketing program by MICA can understand its concepts and utilise them while conovcating campaigns and media content for their organisational goods.

Furthermore, these features come in handy while converting leads.

Digital Marketing Courses

Role of Digital Marketing in Generation of Leads


Digital marketing has been at the core of changing the face of communication and marketing in the digital era. Online marketing is a dynamic field and offers flexibility and tools for interacting in a sophisticated manner with potential buyers.


Lead generation is a critical facet of online marketing. Executives can learn about marketing tools and technologies that help get a good turnover of clients through the social media digital marketing course online. Lead generation in the online marketing realm is more than just cold-calling clients and has to do more with implementing strategies and procedures.


Here’s a list of guidelines that help in attracting users online and convenient the into loyal customers:-


  • Optimising Corporation Website

Website is the doorway to meeting potential clients. It’s the first thing that users see when accessing the company’s products and services. Talking about making a positive first impression online, the company’s website can be a deal-breaker for attracting potential customers.


Optimising a website using attractive visuals, a seamless user interface, efficient speed for loading information, and other practices play a vital role in targeting customers.


  • Regular Updation of Keywords

Regularly updating keywords helps create online content with a high ranking on search engine result page (SERP). Higher rankings pave the way for more clicks and, in turn, more leads. Content optimisation is an excellent way of increasing the target audience and creating a huge customer base.


  • Content Personalisation

Customisable or personalised content is another way of sustaining customers and acquiring new ones. Understanding customer’s preferences through their searches, products and other purchase patterns can allow marketing professionals to deliver content to end-users suited for them.


For example, a customer who likes viewing stylish blazers through a company’s website can be sent a personalised email containing discounts for the next blazer purchase.


  • Building Product Apps or Softwares

In the current times, where information is surplus and digitisation is the trend-setter, developing an application or software for its products can help attract customers. Since most of the company’s websites aren’t mobile-friendly, building software will allow customers to view products and buy them accordingly.


Moreover, with feedback forms and emails provided on the software, there can be more significant interaction between customers and companies.


The lead generation strategies, as mentioned above, can prove to be a game-changer for marketing professionals and allow their companies to stay abreast of their competitors. Executives and young marketers pursuing the digital marketing program by MICA can look for its modules and practical sessions to build a mystery over its lead generation practices.



Lead generation is a central part of marketing campaigns, strategies and plans as it brings in more customers and helps in attracting a broader audience. Therefore, it’s essential to learn this domain’s intricacies through a social media digital marketing course online and get information regarding the concepts, practices and principles that help in marketing products online.


Furthermore, with a tailor-made course such as the digital marketing program by MICA, professionals can gather resourceful intel that can help them in their job roles.


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