• Looking to hire a new employee?
  • Do you have a hiring process in place?
  • Do you know where to get started?


Hiring is all about the journey and not just the job.

It’s about understanding the needs of your company and onboarding someone who helps your company thrive. How you do it is going to affect the company’s bottom line. So better do it right the first time around.


HR online courses certifications can provide you with an understanding of the hiring process in great detail, but here’s a guide that can help you ensure that you’re hiring the right way.

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Let’s get onboarding!

1. Identify the Hiring Needs of Your Organisation


This is where you figure out the kind of talent your company needs. Before you move on to hiring employees, answer these fundamental questions:-

  • Where does your company need more hands?
  • What positions do we need to fill?
  • How many people should these roles be filled with?
  • What knowledge, skills, and qualifications does each role require?


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Every time there’s a hiring need, you, as an HR professional, should stay on top of it. And with a well-structured recruitment plan, you may attract potential employees from a pool of candidates. HR online courses certification can help you understand your company’s hiring needs and know what is required to fill that need. Or, if you are struggling between choosing a general management career and an HR path, read here. Moving on…

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2. Prepare a Job Description


Once you know where there’s a need for hiring and what positions are needed, it’s time to prepare a job description. A job description must include all essential facets of the role and should be as comprehensive as possible. Here’s a checklist to craft the ideal job description for every role:-

  • Company Name & Description
  • Core Values
  • Benefits Offered
  • Location
  • Job Title
  • Department
  • Industry Pay
  • Description of Duties
  • Any specific skill set, knowledge, experience or training required for the job
  • Qualities that are good-to-have and would be an added advantage
  • A conversational CTA


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HR online courses certification can help you to:

  • Understand the hiring needs of your company and streamline this process.
  • Get a better understanding of how to hire talent more efficiently.


1. Search for the Talent


Hiring and searching for talent is right there in the primary functions of human resource management and is the most vital part of the entire recruitment process. This is the part where you need to post the job listing internally to generate employee referral and externally on popular social networking sites and job boards, including LinkedIn, Naukri.com, etc. You can also conduct job fairs to promote openings to cast a wider net.


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Simply put, you do anything necessary to ensure that your company has the best talent available to work for them.


HR online courses certification can provide you with a framework or roadmap that companies follow to hire top talent based on their own specific goals. One such online course that emphasises on searching for ideal candidates is the XLRI talent management online course.


2. Screen and Shortlist

The next step is to screen and shortlist candidates. You’ll need to go through the resume, perform a telephonic interview, schedule an in-person assessment or FaceTime/Zoom/Google Meet session with some of them and eventually select the perfect match for your organisation.


Steps to effectively shortlist or screen candidates:-

  • Screen applications based on the minimum qualifications.
  • Sift through resumes and look for candidates with relevant experience, domain expertise, technical competencies, and other technical skills required for the role.
  • Shortlist candidates who have the preferred credentials and minimum qualifications.
  • Get ready to interview.


The XLRI talent management program is the best HR certification that helps you understand the intricacies of hiring an employee. Moreover, this online course entails the HR best practices and the ways to train your staff to achieve maximum results.


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3. Interview Potential Candidates


This is the stage where the shortlisted candidates get interviewed by the hiring team and the department heads to ensure a perfect match.

  • Do your research. Check the company website, social media profiles, and LinkedIn connections to understand the candidate’s potential.
  • Prepare relevant questions before the interview.
  • Verify their answers to make sure they don’t slip up or say something that might change how you feel about them as a candidate.
  • Try conducting interviews over the phone or video conferences; save time and money.
  • Look for red flags such as a lack of knowledge about their past jobs/companies, inconsistent responses while answering questions or too many details that don’t add up in some way.


4. Evaluate and Provide Offer of Employment


You may have finalised the candidate from your end, but it doesn’t mean that the candidate will accept your offer. Candidates today look for more than just the job role; they look for perks, remote working options, and simply anything that your company is paying them over and above the salary.


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So, once you are done with all the rounds of the interview process, ensure that you follow up with the candidate, answer their queries and complete all the paperwork.


Some tips to entice potential candidates after the selection process:-


  • Provide the candidate with a clear timeline and show where he/she stands in that process.
  • Offer them perks such as gym membership, car parking etc.
  • Ask for references or other colleagues who have worked closely with the candidate. This will help you know if there are any potential red flags.


If you want to learn more, consider enrolling for HR online courses certification.


5. Onboard


Once the applicant has accepted the job offer, it’s time to officially onboard him/her. Confirm the joining date and time and communicate it to the employee. Once that’s out of the way, conduct a pre-employment screening that includes background verification, reference checks, etc. Post which, you can introduce the employee to the organisation.


And that’s where the hiring process ends, and the induction process begins.


There you have it – the step-by-step guide for hiring the best talent for your organisation. If you need some expert guidance, you can consider enrolling for the XLRI talent management program offered on the Talentedge platform.



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