People are the biggest competitive advantage any firm has today. They are the drivers of all decisions that organizations take in present times. Any good human resources course will tell you not to undermine the importance of this crucial element. So as HR practitioners need to explore all kinds of strategies that can help manage this resource in the best possible way.

What are these strategies that can make managing the people, as a process, more effective? These can be unique in the context of the organization, but overall there are many general ones that can be kept in mind.


  1. Alignment to business – All HR processes need to be clearly aligned to business needs. While this seems like an easy strategy, it is the most challenging one. Every so often, HR tends to work in silos when designing and implementing people processes. This is what they need to bear in mind, as they evaluate the links. So the most important strategy for effective human resource management is to understand the business requirements and mapping the people processes, as well as practices to it. This involves current and future goals as well.
  2. Knowledge of your people profile – How you manage your resources, depends on the kind of resources you have. For HR, this means knowing the profile of your people, the demographics and diversity, the spread and the skill-sets, the motives and disengagement factors. So this knowledge is the most powerful driver since the HR roadmap will be developed based on this. So gathering this knowledge is a good strategy.
  3. Workforce of the Future – We are not preparing for the present. We are preparing for the workforce of the future. All your people management initiatives should have a future-focused approach. That is an important strategy to have for effectively managing the human resources because it takes care of the present and also helps you plan as per the kind of employees that will entire your workforce. So factoring in the fact that it will be more diverse, will have different work expectations, will have different work ethos and motivators, is a good strategy.

No matter how many strategies we design, when it comes to HRM, the proof lies in making them realistic. Because it involves people and so we must create strategies that are realistic, flexible and market-linked, for them to remain effective.

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