Everybody agrees that marketing is overcrowded. In addition to the already teeming thousands of marketing and sales professionals out there, new ones are being added everyday, not only from traditional degree backgrounds, but with hundreds of new MBA institutes all over the country.


The rat race is equal parts frustrating and equal parts critical. With your career on the line, can you really afford to sit back and miss out? We never really know at what point the next opportunity can knock.

But this is not to waste your time: in fact, it’s intended to set you on the quick path to success with the actual advantages that will matter in the corporate world. Consider the following:


  • More than 3 lakh MBAs graduate in India every year – among them, according to statistics, marketing is the most common specialization, followed by Human Resources.
  • However, most of the marketing graduates end up being employed in either sales jobs, which are a completely different function in an organization or low-end BPO jobs, which do not have much relevance to marketing strategy and the other disciplines that they learn.
  • A significant number of professionals usually face career burnout without ever making it to the middle or senior management, either in terms of money or prestigious positions.


Blog_ManagerSkills_10122016_feature According to experts, the biggest factor affecting early success in marketing is a specialized education from a reputed and leading institution in the country.This not only creates a great first impression on the profile/CV of the candidate but also a significant impact in any job interview, since the first preference is always given to the candidate who has a top B school in their resume.


MICA is the biggest name and by far the most respected institute in Indian Communications and Advertising today. Hailed by the media as India’s premier management school for strategic marketing and communication, MICA alumni have gone on to be CEOs and Presidents of the largest advertising and brand communication companies in the world, and brand strategists in the largest corporations in India.

The Post Graduate Certificate in Marketing and Brand Management by MICA is the most advanced brand strategy and communication program in India today. Covering important and specialized concepts like business market analysis, business and consumer buyer behaviour, market segmentation and targeting as well as product positioning and differentiating and many, many more such career critical subjects, well covered through world-class case examples.

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