The economy is becoming more competitive by the day. What gives you the edge over the others in such a scenario is your knowledge about preferences & issues of your customers.

Before you pull your socks up to elevate your business, you need to first understand the factors that affect it and the best way to do it is through market research. It gives you valuable information about the market segment you seek to target. It also helps you identify new business opportunities. But what’s the use of all that data if you can’t make relevant inferences?


Data Analytics augments market research to help business design effective marketing campaigns that directly target the interests of your potential customers, further resulting in increased sales.

Market Research & Data Analytics is growing to be a happening area of work because of the impact it is creating for businesses around the world. It is also becoming the next step in the path of the career progression of present-day marketers. The intriguing element of data analytics has also caught the eye of IT professionals who are passionate about building a career in marketing.


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India’s leading institute in Marketing, MICA offers the PG Certificate Program in Market Research and Data Analytics from MICA to help professionals build a successful career in the lucrative field of marketing. Some of the benefits of this course are:

  • Understand the trinity of Marketing: the research industry, the role of analytics and its relationship to strategy-building.
  • Designed in close consultation with the industry & its experts, the course covers the application of analytics tools to aid strategic decision-making.
  • Become adept at developing strategies based on data inferences to manage your organization.
  • Build a right base for working in analytical teams across business verticals.
  • Interact face to face with faculty & peers during 3-day on-campus module at MICA.


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If you are looking to grow in your career as an effective marketer, building your research & analytical skills is the first step. Sign up for the PG Certificate Program in Market Research and Data Analytics from MICA and set your career on the fast track.

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