If you were to ask any millennial or young person in India about how he or she buys what they want, chances are their response will be – online. That could be through the website, an e-commerce portal, mobile app, social media channel and so on. This is an indicator of a big trend that has changed the way the World & India makes its purchases. And has therefore given rise to the way an organization should sell to such a world. That ability to sell to such a world is what digital marketing is. Good online digital marketing courses will share its importance and scope.


Here are some broad level Digital marketing trends in 2019 to give you an idea –

  1. The role of this area of marketing is to understand the target audience for each social media segment and work on realizing their motivators, and needs. This is because they will need to work on advertising campaigns that are linked to social media, and hence ensure that the right audience is reached through those
  2. Digital marketing also involves developing, implementing and managing brand awareness of the organization and its products and services, in the digital space. Brand awareness followed by association is critical for the achievement of business results. This can happen only through a focused digital media approach where the brand values are demonstrated in a series of innovative ways
  3. In 2019 brands will involve in telling the digital stories that define the company. These could be internal stories that reflect its culture and hence share the employer brand it is. Or they could be external stories from the client that shares how the organization is a true partner for them. The idea is to ensure appropriate messaging through the digital space so that it is used optimally
  4. Communicating information is one of the crucial roles of digital marketing. The information available online is consumed faster and readily by the customers rather than printed or other such forms of communication. Also, it has the potential to reach a much wider audience than the physical media channels and due to the availability of the internet, information can be revised to reflect the most current form of it
  5. Collaborations with other related partners such as individual digital influencers or media agencies that ensure social media presence through creative techniques like contests, games, knowledge sharing sessions, live videos and so on are part of the role too


These aspects of the core scope of digital marketing as a role and function. This scope is very applicable in the current and future Indian market due to the rising trend of use of digital space for data consumption.

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