If you were to ask any millennial or young person in India about how he or she buys what they want, chances are their response will be – online. That could be through the website, an e-commerce portal, mobile app, social media channel and so on. This is an indicator of a big trend that has changed the way the World & India makes its purchases. And has therefore given rise to the way an organization should sell to such a world. That ability to sell to such a world is what digital marketing is. Good online digital marketing courses will share its importance and scope.

Here are some broad level Digital marketing trends in 2022 to give you an idea 

  • The role of this area of marketing is to understand the target audience for each social media segment and work on realizing their motivators, and needs. This is because they will need to work on advertising campaigns that are linked to social media, and hence ensure that the right audience is reached through those


  • Digital marketing also involves developing, implementing and managing brand awareness of the organization and its products and services, in the digital space. Brand awareness followed by association is critical for the achievement of business results. This can happen only through a focused digital media approach where the brand values are demonstrated in a series of innovative ways


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  • In 2023 brands will be involved in telling the digital stories that define the company. These could be internal stories that reflect its culture and hence share the employer brand it is. Or they could be external stories from the client that shares how the organization is a true partner for them. The idea is to ensure appropriate messaging through the digital space so that it is used optimally


  • Communicating information is one of the crucial roles of digital marketing. The information available online is consumed faster and readily by the customers rather than printed or other such forms of communication. Also, it has the potential to reach a much wider audience than the physical media channels and due to the availability of the internet, information can be revised to reflect the most current form of it


  • Collaborations with other related partners such as individual digital influencers or media agencies that ensure social media presence through creative techniques like contests, games, knowledge sharing sessions, live videos and so on are part of the role too


  • These aspects of the core scope of digital marketing as a role and function. This scope is very applicable in the current and future Indian market due to the rising trend of use of digital space for data consumption.


Over the last few years, digital marketing has seen rapid growth in India with over 2 million job vacancies created almost every year! The scope of digital marketing is big, not just for content creators and marketers, but many other fields that act behind the scenes. Coders, SEO Analysts, Youtubers, Affiliate marketers, social media influencers etc. Moreover, India being one of the most diverse countries, where cultures and languages change every 100kms, digital marketers with expertise in some regional languages have great scope for marketing to the rural areas. That being said, this field is a booming one, and has huge competition along with scope. To stand out from the rest of the crowd becomes a necessity.  

With the job landscape shifting dynamically, frequent layoffs and a shortage of jobs, it has become imperative for working professionals to upskill or cross-skill, or perhaps explore a different career altogether. Working professionals who want to move further up on the success ladder must know what’s trending in their industry and for that digital marketing courses are best suited for them. Here is a brief insight into how these courses can benefit working professionals.


Better job prospects

Today, digital marketing has applications in all industries and business functions. So, irrespective of the nature or profile of your job, it is necessary you upgrade your knowledge about digital marketing. Let’s say; you are an HR professional. These days, HR professionals are expected to understand which digital marketing or social media channels can reach out to prospective employees. You can stay abreast of the latest digital marketing methodologies and trends which revolve more around your expertise. So, if you learn digital marketing, you have better job prospects in your industry.


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Adds Value to Resume

If you have been banking on the traditional job experience, tools and techniques, you are way behind in the job market. There is a high demand for working professionals who are equipped with digital marketing skills in their kitty. It signifies that you are a keen learner and follow the latest job requirement trends closely. A certificate course in digital marketing will be a welcome add-on to your resume.


Higher Pay

Looking for a reason for your next salary hike? Digital marketing can help you establish your additional skill set in this arena and keep you ahead of the rest. Thus, you can demand better pay and there is no reason why you would be denied that.


Study While You Work

It is a good option to enroll in online digital marketing courses which do not require you to take a complete break from your current job also. With most of the modules being completely online, you can complete the course in your daily spare time. You can learn digital marketing at your own pace and learning style.


Makes Your Career Versatile

After you are trained in digital marketing, you can even think of changing over completely to this field or plan to start your own business. You can become a consultant, freelancer, or entrepreneur. Moreover, digital marketing skills remain common across the world. This means that you have access to even international job opportunities!

With ever-increasing demand, the prospects for working professionals with digital marketing skills are high.


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As online consumerism is growing bigger every day, digital marketing has taken an ever-important role in business growth and promotion. According to a Forrester Research report, digital marketing will lead $160 billion and account for 35% of all marketing spending by 2023. With an increasing number of companies worldwide investing in digital marketing, the demand for digital marketers has doubled!

Digital marketing professionals can make a bright career for themselves by learning the nuances of marketing through the internet and other digital media like television, social media, mobile apps and websites. Here is a brief insight into important aspects that digital marketing professionals should know.


Job Roles

Digital marketing has a huge scope of opportunities. It really depends on what type of digital marketing career you want to pursue as per your interest. The various job roles in demand in digital marketing are:

If you are an amateur in digital marketing, you can start with entry-level positions. As you gain more knowledge and experience, you can advance to the next level of careers easily.


Skills Required

Digital marketing calls for a diverse skill set ranging from objective thinking to creative and analytical skills and sales expertise. Let’s summarize the most important skills that you will need to develop as a digital marketing professional.

  • Creativity and analytical thinking: Both árt’ and ‘science’ are needed. You will be required to use your creative qualities to formulate innovative advertising ideas and plans as well as analyze which digital media works better for your audience.


  • Sales skill: You have to be a good marketer who can sell directly to an interested audience and create good conversion rates. You can take advantage of a digital marketing course that teaches how to enhance digital marketing skills and multiply the sales figures.


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  • Social media management: When you gain experience in paid social media marketing, you are getting ready to crack the jackpot that this profession holds for you. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other similar platforms have analytics, creative campaign making tools, budget-saving plans and so many tactics to attract an audience. Learn about them in-depth to give your marketing campaign a new twist.


  • Specific channel expertise: If you want, you can specialize in a particular digital marketing channel like SEO, SEM, PPC or social media, just to name a few. This will lend you a superlative tag that many companies are looking for.


Various Options to Learn Digital Marketing

Opting to learn it professionally?

You can choose from the various learning channels depending on your requirement and availability. Classroom courses are available in all reputed institutions which can be completed as an on-campus study. Entry-level candidates who want to start their career in digital marketing can go for them. Then, there are online digital marketing course modules for those who are working professionals and don’t want to give up your present job or graduates/postgraduates who want to learn digital marketing without going to a physical campus. So, instead of enrolling in a full-time classroom course, digital marketing certification is available as an online course too. Apart from the huge flexibility it provides to its students, it is a well-recognized and accredited program which imparts digital marketing knowledge of high standards.


Another method is going for employee development training programs that are conducted by HR departments of corporate companies. If you feel you lack the digital skills to grow more in your present company, opt for digital marketing training to get equipped with all the necessary information and experience for the next job position or higher salary. And, if such a facility is not available in your company, online digital marketing programs are best suited!


Benefits of Online Courses

Certification in digital marketing can help you in building a bright career, unlike the popular myth that only classroom studies are acceptable in the job world. Fortunately, digital marketing is a skill where your creativity and analytical thinking with the fundamental knowledge of concepts matter the most. Online courses can be of double help as they don’t need you to take a study or career break. All you need is access to your laptop or PC and a few hours of online studies every day. With increasing demand, institutes are offering world-class faculty who conduct online lectures as well as impart hands-on knowledge of digital marketing skills. Digital career coaches to train and discuss the advancements in the industry and how to be an expert in it. Online courses can turn out to be cheaper too when you consider all the costs involved in attending a full-time classroom course.

Now that you have understood the how and why of digital marketing, it is easy to judge how it can be an asset to your career and how you can earn more after certification.



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