About RightCareerEdge

RightCareerEdge is a personalized career advancement service offered by Right Management, India. Established in 1980, Right Management is a global career expert with 40 years of experience in career management and talent strategy. During this time, Right management has put 40,000 people to work every day, conducted over 12 million interviews per year and successfully transitioned more than three million people into new roles.

In today’s competitive world, it is critical to constantly evolve in one’s career by deploying innovative career strategies that help an individual achieve his/her career goals. Right Management’s extensive research suggests that majority of job seekers are unclear about their career aspirations & paths and how to achieve them. Our extensive research also unfolds a set of critical parameters for an individual to achieve high career growth. RightCareerEdge has been specifically curated to support professionals to excel in their careers.

Critical Parameters for High Career Growth RightCareerEdge Services

  • Clarityon career aspirations & career path

    Career Coaching
  • Self - Discovery & career planning

    Right Everywhere(Right Management’s proprietary website)
  • Leveraging Linkedin for professional branding

    LinkedIn Advantage
  • Showcasing your education, experience and capabilities

    Impactful Resume
  • Preparing for various interview scenarios

    Mock Interview
  • Researching target organizations & roles; fast tracking your reach to potential employers

    Job search support
  • Challenges
RightCareerEdge has been specifically curated for executive
program candidates

We deliver

Our services combine profile development, coaching, tools and online learning resources to help candidates map their careers, make connections and get the skills they need to grow in their career.

  • Self Discovery

    Assess strengths and preferences to guide candidates towards career paths that align with their individual skills and life goals

  • Career Coaches

    Leverage the expertise of our extensive network of career coaches to help candidates set goals and align current coursework with desired career paths

  • Personal Branding Resources

    Empower candidates to differentiate themselves, learn to network, and effectively market their skills and capabilities

  • Expert Insights

    Our expert insights on the job market and future work trends will help candidates have the skills they need to be successful

Who Should Apply

  • Job Seeker

    Pursuing a new job and actively engaging in job search

  • Career Advancer (Growing in Place)

    Growing in your current role or pursuing a better fit job

  • Career Changer/Switcher

    Translating your skills into a different industry or function

  • Entrepreneur

    Exploring options and resources to run your own business

Personalized career advancement services including job
search support by Right Management (a ManpowerGroup company)

Professional Plan (Plan duration - 90 days)

  • Impactful Resume

    These services will support you in developing a professional resume.

    service outcome

    We help you recall & capture information from your education and professional experiences which will add the maximum weightage to your profile

    We make sure you get sufficient opportunity to iterate your profile before it is ready for prospective employers

    We provide you with a crisp customized profile.

  • LinkedIn Advantage

    Highlighting your skills, education and experience without formally sharing your resume

    service outcome

    We will help you understand how to increase your professional social media footprint by:

    Increasing your connections & building your network

    Sharing your thoughts on social media

    Writing articles

    Sharing blogs

    Applying to jobs

    Researching individuals, companies and industries

  • Mock Interview

    This will prepare the candidate to effectively manage prospective employers’ interview process.

    The focus will be on building confidence and understanding individual areas which will help create a differentiator.

    service outcome

    We provide you with the best interview practices on preparing, effectively communicating and presenting yourself with confidence

    We simulate a real life interview environment that makes you experience the intensity of the moment and your behavior

    We provide structured feedback on your performance and areas of development

  • Job Search Support

    Skill mapping & shortlisting target industries/companies

    Direct and indirect approach (Hiring organizations and job portals)

    Screened & qualified job opportunities

    service outcome

    We help you identify skills which are transferable across industries/functions and help you look at multiple possibilities

    Your profile is accessed by hiring organizations/managers from our database and different job portals using our multichannel approach

    You receive only those job listings that match very closely with your aspirations and skills

Premium Plan (Professional Services + 2 Additional Services | Plan duration - 105 days)

  • Career Coaching

    Mapping and evaluating Career Aspirations

    Unravelling core individual values

    Approaching the marketplace

    Handling difficult conversations

    service outcome

    You gain an enhanced understanding of your strengths, what you enjoy doing and areas of development

    You gain clarity on your career focus areas, skills you need to hone & create your personal brand

    We help you understand the anatomy of an interview- how to land with impact and negotiate your value

    You get a personalized action plan for networking, marketing and getting your dream job

  • Right Everywhere

    Online tool for:

    Self discovery

    Learning content

    Interview practice

    Company research

    service outcome

    You continuously develop your skills on the trending topics in all functional & technical domains via access to more than 3500 courses

    We provide you with an online interview simulator that enables you to widen your experience of live interviews with a recording option for reflections and learnings

    Your understanding about your aspirational companies is enhanced via access through a D&B database of more than 25 million global companies in the industries that interest you the most

Personalized career advancement services including job
search support by Right Management (a ManpowerGroup company)


  • Professional Plan [ 90 days ]


    Base Price
    (without tax)

    Total price
    with GST@18%

    Visual & Text Resume, Linkedin Profile,
    Mock Interview,
    Job Search Support

    INR 12,678

    INR 14,960

  • Premium Plan [ 105 days ]


    Base Price
    (without tax)

    Total price
    with GST@18%

    Professional Plan + Career
    Coaching + Right Everywhere
    Portal access

    INR 16,410

    INR 19,364

Personalized career advancement services including job
search support by Right Management (a ManpowerGroup company)

Proven Resultsfor candidates

Right Management over the last 40 years has been working with individuals across different work sectors, levels, educational backgrounds and have been associated with developing them to navigate the ever evolving business trends. Given below are some outcomes relevant to career advancement service for candidates

  • Same or higher
    compensation in new role
  • Relocated
  • Week average time to
    landing for Right
    Management candidates
  • Report their level
    stayed the same or increased
    after landing a new role
  • Changed functions
  • Changed industry


  • I received an offer from Infosys in their retail consulting division.

    Thank you for your forthcoming help and guidance, we would not sail thru without your intervention and partnership.

  • I got a job in OYO, Kolkata. I wanted Marketing but they gave me General Management. Still happy as they said I would have full autonomy and would be heading all activities in the East.

    Thank you Team, Right!

  • Your constant drive and motivation made all the difference. I have had no visibility and understanding of the card market but your questioning and directions has helped me crack a high paying job at MasterCard. Thank you again.

Personalized career advancement services including job
search support by Right Management (a ManpowerGroup company)
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