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Branding, sales, and marketing are high in-demand professions and requires you to be up-to-date. Sales and marketing courses online give you the benefit of enhancing your skill set while pursuing your current job. Sales and marketing courses online will give you a deep knowledge of various strategies and how to implement them. Talentedge offers you a wide range of sales and marketing courses online to help you learn these skills and advance your career. Sales and marketing courses online are conducted through live and interactive sessions with esteemed faculty to provide you with a thorough understanding of essential concepts.




Overview Of Branding Sales, and Marketing Courses

In this fast-moving and highly competitive and connected world, corporations are always looking for employees who are equipped with the right and advanced skills to realize their business objectives. Being one of the essential pillars of any business, professionals in Branding, Sales, and Marketing, are always high in demand in corporations. However, such a job requires people who are equipped with the right and updated set of skills for optimum performance. Therefore, pursuing not any but the right course(s) in Branding, Sales, and Marketing will help you boost your career while also maintaining a high employability quotient. 

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What is Branding?

Products are made in a factory but brands are created in the mind —Walter Landor

In general, many of us misunderstand branding and limit its definition to the aesthetic components such as the design and logo of a brand. However, it might have been true a few decades ago, but today it has evolved to become a wholesome concept that encompasses various compositions owing to the growth of a highly connected and digitally-enabled world. Broadly, branding includes the identification, creation, and management of the perception of a brand in consumers’ memory. Although it has always been a vast and ever-evolving concept, branding has become more dynamic with the growth of the internet user base across the globe. Therefore, if you are already working as a branding professional, pursuing our live and interactive sales and marketing courses online will help you become a pro in such a rich and diversified field.

To understand it better, here’s why branding is crucial for businesses in today’s world.

How Sales and Marketing Course Online helps you add branding value to businesses?

Developing a brand for a business is just like creating an identity of an individual. For any individual, identity is as crucial as other elements essential for living a life with dignity. Similarly, branding adds value and reputation to the business, which otherwise would become dull and stagnant eventually forcing it to die.

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Let’s try to understand it with an example. For a stock brokerage platform, it becomes imperative that it focuses on creating a brand value that is based on trust —enabling smooth and safe financial transactions. Otherwise, who would like to take a risk on their hard-earned money while trading through an untrusted platform.

Here, as aforementioned, it becomes the responsibility of a branding professional to carefully identify, create, and manage the perception of a brand to be able to make a business successful. Our live and interactive online certification courses in sales and marketing will certainly help you in developing your analytical thinking to boost your career in branding.

Enhancing the customer base

Organic marketing through customer referral of a brand is a true sign of a powerful and successful branding strategy. What does it take to create a concrete base of loyal customers for a brand? Although there are many elements associated with the answer, trust is the utmost emotion that a customer looks for in a brand before associating with it. A great branding plan will work towards establishing the values based on confidence and security where the customers can trust the business with which they are equating.

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Consequently, a good branding professional will be able to leverage consumers’ trust into the greatest advertising technique of all times —word of mouth. Such referrals, along with bringing new business to the brand, enhances its positive perception through an unending chain of progression through customers. ‘Brand Tata’ is an example of such an aggressive branding strategy where the products and services of Tata Sons are considered to be of the best quality in class.

Enriches brands’ working environment

A brand with a great and positive reputation is more likely to employ a workforce that possesses a greater level of satisfaction, pride and ownership with it. Hence, a dynamic branding strategy is not only going to bring more business and expand the customer base for the company but will also have employees that are happier with their employer. Eventually, it is going to impact the working environment of the firm positively.

What Skills You Will Learn Through Sales and Marketing Courses Online?

Through our sales and marketing certified program, you will get insights into how a rich branding strategy fetches far-reaching comprehensive and positive results. Further, as we all know that employees are the first line of contact for any business, employees that stand behind their brand are expected to translate into bringing more customers and hence more business.

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With the onset of the Covid-19 induced pandemic, there have been considerable alterations in consumer behaviour worldwide. This has brought significant changes in the way branding professionals pitch their marketing strategies. While brands in sectors such as hospitality, retail, aviation, restaurants, etc., are facing an unprecedented crisis, e-commerce, food, ed-tech, and healthcare have witnessed a surge in their businesses. Brand managers employed in the former category have been trying hard to avoid a hit on their businesses while the ones in the latter have been leveraging the situation to expand their employers’ business. 

By pursuing sales and marketing courses online, the professionals will get a deep understanding of how to inculcate new strategies and processes owing to the drastic changes brought by the pandemic.

What are the Types of Branding?

  • Product Branding: It involves branding a specific product(s) and is the most common type of branding. It works for the success of a product in the market by analysing the needs of the end-customer and formulating effective strategies.
  • Personal Branding: Communicating an individual's personality by building a public persona can be loosely defined as the objective of personal branding. While earlier it used to happen largely through print media and TVs, today social media plays an important role in managing personal reputation.
  • Corporate Branding: Like personal and product branding, corporate branding involves the creation and management of values, exclusivity, mission, etc. In short, it works towards inculcating the broad conduct of the corporate in a market.
  • Service Branding: Services, being invisible are a challenge for branding professionals. Here, they are engaged in a process where a customer finds the offered service(s) of a firm better, efficient, and friendly, making them visible —standing out of the crowd.

Difference Between Sales and Marketing



Sale is a narrow concept

Marketing is a wide concept

Sale is focused on short-term business perspectives

Marketing is focused on long-term business goals

Sale strategies focus on converting the potential customer into clients

Marketing strategies focus on reaching the targeted audience

Sales main objective is to move the product or services from the company to the customers

The primary goal of marketing is to meet the requirements and desires of customers based on their choices.

Sale works towards earning profits by only maximizing the sales

Marketing works towards earning profits by increasing market share and customer satisfaction

The process of sale begins once the production is completed and is concluded when the consumer pay for the products or services

The process of marketing starts with the consumer’s needs, wants and desires and it continues even long after the process of sale is completed.

Sale follows the notion of push strategy

Marketing follows the notion of pull strategy

Sale emphasises on fulfilling the requirements of the company

Marketing emphasises on fulfilling the requirements of the consumer


By enrolling in our sales and marketing course online, you will get deep insights into both sales and marketing so that you can understand your interests and improve your skills to build a future in your interested field.

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What is Sales?

What differentiates sellers today is their ability to bring fresh ideas —Jill Konrath

Sales have been playing a pivotal role since the inception of the concept of business in the early evolution days of humans. Being at the centre stage of the growth of any business, an executive in sales is expected to bridge the gap between the needs of the consumer and that of the services/products offered by the firm. However, in this fast-moving and highly competitive world, it is inevitable for salespeople to develop an ability to evolve dynamic and new ideas for fetching desired results. Our online certification courses in sales and marketing are designed to equip you with the required skills which will certainly help you in achieving career goals.

One of the most influential and historic business personalities and an automotive industry leader of his time, Henry Ford, once said, “Nothing happens until someone sells something.” If you are a sales professional and you become obsolete with the skills and strategies, you are certainly going to lose several business opportunities, causing a serious toll to the firm’s revenue. However, if you choose to pursue online certification courses in sales and marketing from the variety that we offer, you are definitely going to learn it from the leading market experts from premier Institutions in India and abroad.

What are the Responsibilities of a Sales Professional?

Market research, sales planning, budgeting, generating demand for the product/services, payment collection, etc., all fall into the bucket of salespeople. Therefore, a sales professional is expected to be collaborative and persuasive while being equipped with advanced technical, communication and problem solving skills.

On the question of employment quotient, as sales is a highly competitive profession, you ought to be in active and always learning mode. The expansion of internet users and digitalisation has completely transformed the sales profession. Today, along with the traditional sales methodologies, salespeople are expected to have a rich knowledge of the digital world. Remember, communication is the basis of sales and marketing even when the world is moving towards the fourth industrial revolution. Enroll in sales and marketing courses online to learn how to perform the everyday activities of a salesperson.

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Earlier when personal selling was the only option with the salespeople to sell products and services, now, along with it, they will have to leverage the digital options available to provide information, advice and recommendations to the customers. 


What Skills are Required to Pursue a Career in the Field of Sales?

  • Interpersonal
  • Time management and planning
  • Judgement
  • Prospecting
  • Technical Skills

Learning from the leading market experts is always advised to become a next-gen leader in sales. We, at Talentedge, believe that choosing a right course for enhancing your knowledge that can fetch fruitful results is not only beneficial for you, but also for the firm you are associated with. Hence, we are now offering multiple carefully crafted live and interactive sales and marketing courses online from one of the leading institutions in India and abroad. Get enrolled in our courses and start inclining towards your career goals.

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Moreover, the pandemic has changed the world of sales to an extent of permanency. While earlier in-person sales were said to be the most effective tool, sellers and buyers are abruptly forced to go digital. Today, when Covid-19 waves are expected to hit frequently and force the government to impose restrictions on movement, it becomes imperative for salespeople to learn new methodologies. Through our online certification courses in sales and marketing, you will get an opportunity to directly learn from the leading faculty, enabling you to inculcate a vibrant sales strategy amid the pandemic.


Sales Profiles You Can Apply For After Pursuing Sales and Marketing Courses Online

  • Outside Sales: Considered to be a traditional sales profile and the professionals usually interact face to face with the customers outside their offices. Usually, salespeople engaged in outside sales profiles spend more time outside their offices to meet underpinned business targets.
  • Inside Sales: While outside sales professionals bring in new customers, inside salespeople are responsible for maintaining relationships with the existing clientele and fetching new orders from them.
  • Account Managers: They are responsible for managing the clientele of the firm while ensuring the needs of the clients are met in a timely manner. Broadly, their task is client retention.
  • Business Development Managers: While outside sales representatives have immediate sales targets and goals, business development managers are responsible for shaping the future business of the company. Their main task is to define and develop what, when, where, and to whom a company needs to sell in the future.

It is always advised to keep yourself updated with the new sales techniques and skills offered by various sales and marketing courses online in India.

What are the Various Types of Selling?

  • Transactional selling: A short-term sales strategy that fetches quick sales. The most common example of transactional selling is sales through e-commerce platforms. Here, neither the seller nor the buyer is interested in developing a long-term relationship.
  • Solution Selling: Here, the focus is on the need of the customer over firms’ product/service. A good solution selling strategizes more on building genuine connections with the prospects and providing creative solutions while presenting service and experience along with the product.
  • Consultative Selling: To make it easy, it is a strategy that is a step ahead of solution selling. It caters to the buyers who are capable of identifying potential solutions on their own. It requires a more skilled sales force to execute consultative selling.
  • Provocative Selling: Similar to consultative selling, it focuses on navigating buyers to the solutions. However, provocative selling adds antagonism by creating a sense of crisis to provide solutions. This has proven to be an effective selling technique amid the Covid-19 pandemic and uncertainties driven by it.

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If you are already a sales professional and are looking to boost your career by acquiring new skills, join the range of our cutting-edge, live and interactive sales and marketing courses online.


What is Marketing?

Marketing’s job is never done. It’s about perpetual motion. We must continue to innovate every day —Beth Comstock, Former CMO & Vice Chair, GE

Just like a flow of the river, marketing is a job that is, as Beth Comstock had mentioned, a “perpetual motion.” For such an incessant and ever-evolving profile, a marketing professional is expected to remain highly flexible towards learning new marketing techniques, methodologies, and procedures. However, before going deep into what is expected from the professionals in the industry, we must understand what marketing stands for and all essentials it includes.

To begin with, marketing can be defined as an activity of the promotion of services and products that a business offers. Amongst other elements, market research and advertising are central to marketing. From beginning to end, a vibrant business model will embed marketing in all of the stages. Sometimes, the field of marketing overlaps with that of sales and branding. However, all these profiles are bifurcated with a silver lining and are likely to perform in collaboration.

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Our sales and marketing courses online will take you deep into the concepts of marketing and will assist you in being an effective marketer. Our courses will help you to employ efficacious market research and analysis, product development, advertising, distribution, and sales. Modern marketing began with the introduction of TVs in the 1950s. However, the spread of the internet and eventually, smartphones have disrupted the whole concept of marketing.

Technology is now playing a key role in almost all forms of marketing —video marketing, print marketing, and various forms of internet marketing. Today, other than being well versed with the four ‘P’s’ of marketing given by E. Jerome McCarthy —product, price, place, and promotion, marketers are expected to have a stronghold of technical and other advanced skills. A marketer through her/his critical, problem-solving and out-of-the-box thinking will work towards enhancing the firms’ success and efficiency. Through these functional skills, you will be able to explore new markets while delivering better customer experiences. 

We offer a range of sales and marketing certified program for executives and provide basic and advanced courses in Digital Marketing & Social Media Strategy, Advertising Management & Public Relations, Managing Brand & Market Communication, Sales & Marketing Management, Integrated Marketing Strategy, and Marketing Analytics amongst others through various premier Indian and international institutions such as the IITs, IIMs, XLRI, eCornell, etc.


What Skills are Required to Pursue a Career in the Field of Marketing?

But before you choose one amongst the many courses to boost your career, you should first know the broad set of skills that are required for the marketing role:

  • Problem Solving Attitude
  • Creativity
  • Interpersonal
  • Technical Skills - writing, research, data analytics, social media marketing, SEO/SEM, etc.

If you are looking for a role in marketing, you can specialise in one or more hard skills through our online programmes in marketing. Interestingly, other than developing the hard skills, our courses are designed to enhance your soft skills as well. By opting for our online certification courses in sales and marketing, executives can elevate their performance and can help their employer become a market leader while achieving their personal career objectives in marketing. Post completion of our programmes, you will be able to expand your networking opportunities if you opt to be part of an “Executive Alumni status” provided by some of our premier institutions partners.

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As with other professions, the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic has brought disruptive changes to marketing. Amid the pandemic, marketers have observed a considerable change in consumer behaviour. However, without being equipped with advanced and new-age skills, it will be difficult for marketers to analyse the changes to be able to formulate effective marketing strategies. Through our sales and marketing courses online, you will be able to prepare yourself for navigating through challenges and exploring possibilities.


What are the Types of Marketing?

  • Traditional Marketing: It involves marketing techniques that emerged before the arrival of the internet. It heavily relied on outbound tactics as access to information was not as dynamic as it is today. Newspapers, magazines, pamphlets, billboards, TVs, and radios were largely used for marketing.
  • Outbound Marketing: Calling, throwing emails, printing ads, etc, to the consumers to raise awareness about the product/service.
  • Inbound Marketing: Based on three broad principles —attract, engage, and delight, inbound marketing focuses on attracting customers to the product/services. In this type of marketing, digital marketing strategies are heavily employed to fetch desired results. Get a deep knowledge of all types of marketing by enrolling in certification courses in sales and marketing.
  • Digital Marketing: It leverages the technology and internet to reach the audience and negates the use of traditional marketing strategies. Search engines, social media, email, and websites are used to reach the audience.
  • Buzz Marketing: It strategizes on generating word-of-mouth marketing for product/services by engaging influencers on social media, and leveraging creative content and interactive events. To be more precise, it tries to create a buzz of the product/service or the brand via employing above mentioned strategies.

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As soon as you are done with our sales and marketing courses online, you will be able to build a whole new marketing mindset for achieving optimum results.

FAQs on Branding, Sales, and Marketing Courses:

Q. What are the available job opportunities after pursuing Online Certification Courses in sales and marketing?

Ans. Many job opportunities are available in the field of sales, for instance, Account Manager, Regional Sales Manager, Business Development Specialist, Strategic Account Manager, Sales Representative, Sales Manager, Sales Consultant, Sales Coordinator, Lead Development and Generation Specialist, Retail Sales Associate, amongst others.

The field of marketing opens door to the most sought-after job positions, such as Marketing Manager, Content Manager, Social Media Manager, Advertising or Promotions Manager, Product or Brand Manager, Marketing Coordinator, Digital Marketing Manager, Marketing Research Analyst, Public Relations Specialist, e-Commerce Manager, and so many more. 

Q. What is the career scope of pursuing Sales and Marketing Courses Online?

Ans. Branding, Sales, and Marketing are one of the essential pillars of any business. Hence, there are ample flourishing opportunities in Branding, Sales, and Marketing. However, being one of the most dynamic fields in the market, one is advised to upgrade their skills frequently by pursuing credible online sales and marketing courses, to maintain a high employment quotient.

Q. How can I learn about Branding, Sales, and Marketing?

Ans. You can join on-campus certification courses offered by various institutions and universities across India. However, given the unprecedented circumstances amid the Covid-19 pandemic, it is always advised to choose online live and interactive sales and marketing courses online. Our online courses are also beneficial for the executives as they can learn while continuing their jobs.

Q. What skills are required to pursue a career in Sales and Marketing?

Ans. Sales and marketing is a profession that is very demanding, and it entails a lot of direct communication with other parties and clients to grow the business, generates sales or expands the marketing reach. As a result, certain soft skills are required for establishing a successful career, such as creativity, critical thinking, excellent communication, good aptitude, flexibility, enthusiasm, and presence of mind. Talentedge offers you a wide range of sales and marketing courses online to help you learn these skills and advance your career.

Q. Should I enrol only in courses offered by IITs/IIMs?

Ans. It is always advised to look beyond just the brand and choose a course based on the curriculum, pedagogy, and other salient features of the programme. Go for the programme that offers a rich learning experience along with other benefits over just the name of the brand.

Q. What certifications will I get after completing the sales and marketing certified program from Talentedge?

Ans. Based on the course you choose in Branding, Sales, and Marketing, you will receive a certification/diploma upon completion from the respective institution you enrol in. For instance, if you have chosen a digital marketing course from IIM Raipur, you will be awarded a certification upon completion of the course.

Q. What happens if I miss a session while pursuing my Online Course?

Ans. You don’t have to worry about it as we, at Talentedge, offer 24*7 cloud-campus training. If you miss a session, you can attend it later as many times you want as all the lectures are stored on our cloud campus. Moreover, it is also helpful in case you want to revisit the lectures before your crucial tests!

Q. How certification courses in sales and marketing can help me progress my career in India?

Ans. Because every industry is becoming more fierce, the field of sales and marketing has a bright future. Sales and marketing are the parts of a business that helps to develop strategic plans for selling the products and services of the company to enhance its revenue which will subsequently increase its profits and corporate value. Even though sales and marketing is a tough and challenging profession. As big data and analytics  have become more accessible, the possibilities expand. Sales and marketing have become more interesting since employees are given the opportunity to experiment and stay ahead of the competition. Join sales and marketing courses online to hone your skills and develop your career.

Q. What are the advantages of pursuing an Online Course from Talentedge?

Ans.  There are multiple reasons to pursue online certification courses in sales and marketing from Talentedge:

  • Thanks to convenient schedules that professionals will be able to manage a work-life balance
  • Live and interactive digital learning offers you a real classroom experience
  • One-on-one doubt solving sessions
  • A dedicated student and tech support
  • Guest lecture from industry experts will provide insights into real-world scenarios
  • Certificate from the respective institute on successfully completing the course

Explore the respective course that you are interested in to get a better understanding of the additional benefits you will be getting.

Q. What will I be learning through Online Certification Courses in sales and marketing?

Ans. Through our executive courses in brand, sales, and marketing participants will learn -

  • Improved management skills in both the social and digital worlds
  • Measuring and evaluating national and international brands
  • Fundamentals of general management
  • Consumer behaviour
  • Management of both product and brand
  • New sales methodologies and strategies

Q. What teaching methodology does Talentedge follow?

Ans. All of our courses are carefully crafted by industry experts making them rich in information and engaging. With a long teaching experience, our teachers from partner institutions use the latest pedagogy while using real-life case studies to make sessions highly interactive and informative.

Q. Is an installment option available to pursue business management courses from Talentedge?

Ans. Participants who are unable to pay the entire fee in one payment may apply for installments. Depending on the course the participants choose, they can pay the complete amount in several installments.

Q. How can I clear my doubts in Online Certification Courses in sales and marketing?

Ans. Participants in Talentedge online courses are offered live and interactive sessions with renowned faculty to get a deep knowledge of all the subjects. Every participant will have access to SLIQ Cloud Campus that offers reference materials, tests, case studies, projects, and assignments as per the requirement of the course. Participants can also contact professors in real-time during class or offline via SLIQ Cloud Campus at any moment during the course to ask questions or clear up any doubts they may have.


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